Fuck you or pluck yew – definition


Столетняя война. 25 октября 1415 года. Предчувствуя победу над Англией, французские войска  договорились, что отрежут средний палец всем пленным англичанам.

Средний? Почему? Ответ прост. Без среднего пальца английские лучники никогда больше не смогут стрелять из лука. Средневековый классический английский лук делали из тиса. Сама же стрельба из лука называлась «pluck yew» – щипание тиса. Тем не менее, в битве при Азенкуре англичане разгромили французов. Неожиданно, но так. Однако победители не смеялись над французами. Они только показывали уцелевший средний палец, тем самым, говоря: мы победили и дальше будем «щипать тис». С годами, достаточно сложную для произношения фразу pluck yew модернизировали. Букву «P» заменили на «f», а «yew» на «you».

Вот и появилась фраза – fuck you.

Не благодарите!)


Proofreading, editing, and translation of your company`s content

As a professional English translator and editor, for two years already I have been helping businesses to proofread and check all content on their official websites and other public resources. I`ve already helped hotels, shops, museums, restaurants, hospitals, state companies, startups, IT companies, pizzerias, gas stations, resorts, entertainment centers, sports clubs, etc. to improve their texts in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

For any company, pure content is a necessity. It is not just the question of reputation but money mainly. Imagine a situation when one of your biggest clients is a Grammar Nazi. If he/she sees a mistake in your “Weekly offer” or “Newsletter,” he/she will never be your client anymore. And you will lose both money and reputation, which is more important. It is quite obvious, is not it?

People who are responsible for content in any company often make mistakes and various misprints. It happens due to multiple reasons. Mainly it is because they do not consider content and text important. There are also cases when people without special experience and background are in charge of the company website. Because it is not their fault but overall management inaccuracy. Stylistic, grammatical, punctuation and other mistakes are less common, but they also take place.

Thus, my job is to proofread the content of official webpage of a given company, find any mistakes, and correct them. It is a one-time job, but in many cases, businesses hire me for weekly/monthly monitoring and proofreading of their content on an ongoing basis. It is convenient and profitable for both parties.

Why do you need to care about your business content?

  1. You need to be always sure that your written online/offline reputation is invulnerable;
  2. Any trustworthy business cannot allow making mistakes in texts, articles, reviews, goods description, newsletters, etc.;
  3. Your website is your business`s face. For example, look at your “About us” page. You must always keep it shining from pure perfection. It is the first thing that your potential client will see first.

Thus, you need to trust your website content to a professional and get the 100% result in a short time.

Contact me any time you need to proofread your content.


Oskar Hartmann`s Lets Ideas Videos: top business concepts


Oskar Hartmann, the founder and the CEO of KupiVIP, Fast Lane Ventures, and CarPrice.ru has significantly helped me with his YouTube channel in general. My overall attitude to 90% of things in my everyday life and work has already changed to the better.

You can find plenty of useful info on Oscar Hartmann`s YouTube. However, one particular direction of his video blog activity has driven my attention recently. It is called “Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas” (in Russian: “Кто сделает этот первым? Идеи для бизнеса 2018. Летс Идей”).

In this set of videos, Oscar shares his professional opinion on how to find working ideas for doing business. He answers questions on how to find a start-up idea, where and how to find a successful business idea, etc. The videos can help you more clearly understand how Oscar Hartmann`s brain works on making effective business decisions.

Oscar has already released five videos. I recommend that you should thoughtfully watch them and make notes. Writing down yours and others thoughts is a beneficial instrument of improving your mental skills. Moreover, such a habit will help you remember all the vital info in the best way.

I will leave these videos for you and me below. Enjoy your fruitful watching!

How to find a business idea? Lets Ideas 1:

How to do a business without start-up capital? Lets Ideas 2:

Where to find ideas for a successfull startup? Lets Ideas 3:

Who will do this business first? Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas 4:

Where and how to find business ideas? Lets Ideas 5:

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Boss Women: Kira Rudik – Ring Ukraine COO

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Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

TOP-5 Answers to Common Job Interview Questions


Nobody can 100% forecast every question that a potential employer will ask you during a job interview. However, certain items are almost predictable. You need to be sure you are ready to astonish the interviewer with your answers to frequent interview questions. Below you will find several common job interview questions, which I have recently faced with.

Tell about yourself

It is quite simple, is not it? You need to introduce yourself in a way that is most applicable to the context of a specific job interview. The interviewer does not want to know how many brothers and sisters you have or what your favorite sport is. As an alternative, tell your possible employer about your education, how you became interested in this specific field, what your professional interests are, and why you decided to apply for this job. You don’t need to go too in depth at this point, give a short overview.

Tell about your and weaknesses and strengths

When it comes to talking about your weakness, you should never lie. Just be truthful. Use examples to discuss how you have been working to conquer it. Choose your strength that is most applicable to the job position. Then give several examples of when it has helped you to achieve success in your previous job.

What specific experience makes you the best candidate?

Answering this question, you need to mention all the qualifications and skills that might not be understandable from your CV. Tell the interviewer about specific courses you have taken that have taught you the necessary skills for this job. You can also give a few examples of your experience from your Masters diploma.

Tell about your future career plans

You need to tell about your real career goals. Moreover, you need to demonstrate how your background (education and previous work experience) can help you achieve them. Here you can talk about everything you want concerning this job. This answer should be prepared in advance.

Do you have any questions?

Think about what would make or break your decision to work for this company. Prepare a list of questions ahead of the interview. It will be a significant advantage that the interviewer will undoubtedly notice. Consider things like salary, vacations, sick leave, future career opportunities, etc. The more questions you ask, the happier your probable employer will be. He will realize that you have done much work to prepare for the interview and that you are a serious and reliable person.

Having an interview is a hard job too. You need to prepare all the answers beforehand. You also need to know everything about the company. At least, study the company`s website thoroughly and make all the essential motes. A job interview is always your time to stand out and shine. If you are well-prepared, you will undoubtedly succeed. Good luck!

Boss Women: Kira Rudik – Ring Ukraine COO


Photo from Kira Rudik`s Facebook.

Kira Rudik is a mega-talented COO and a great woman. We studied together at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy but did not know each other at that time.

In 2016, Ring’s Research and Development Center opened in Ukraine. Kira Rudik was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. Now she describes it as the most exciting experience of her life.

Since that time, Ring Ukraine, which creates high-tech smart home security systems, has hired over 700 professionals in Ukraine. The company has flourished significantly, and Kira Rudik was the person who managed to persuade Ring that it must have its research branch in Ukraine.

All present companys success is connected with Rudiks activity and her lifestyle. Speed, hardworking, and the complete lack of self-pity are things which guide Rudik as a manager and entrepreneur.

“The central principle of the best manager is the absence of self-pity. You will never lead people behind you without self-sacrifice. You have to be the first to come to work and the last to leave. The leader must take a punch and keep it. It is unpleasant to accept, but that is the truth” (Kira Rudik).

Below you will find a fascinating and challenging interview with Kira Rudik. Please note that the interview is in Russian. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanx VP Team and Vika Pridatko for the video.

English translator in Chernobyl for VINCI

I had an unbelievably great four-month experience as an English translator in Chernobyl. On August 2018, a signed a work contract with VINCI Construction Grands Projets and Bouygues Travaux Publics. The company deals with the design, construction, and commissioning of the New Safe Confinement over the Unit 4 reactor at Chernobyl.

They hired me on a position of an English translator. My key responsibilities were the translation of construction and engineering documentation as well as oral translation during all official commissioning inspections of the installed equipment on the Arch.

It was for the first time that I dealt with engineering translation. I would not say it was easy, but it was not difficult either. All is simple. When you immerse yourself into a certain working atmosphere with a specific language environment (vocabulary, style, new rules, terminology, etc.), you will have to learn. I think I did a great job. The four-month contract is over, and now I can return to my favorite translations and journalism.

The company is great. Colleagues are amazing. The working atmosphere is inspiring. Thank all co-workers for having a great time together!


P. S. I am going to describe all my Chernobyl adventures later because I have an abundance of emotions, impressions, photos, and videos. Already put a reminder for February.

Мужская кухня от Ильи Лазерсона. Лазанья


На Новый Год приготовлю очередное прекрасное блюдо по рецепту лучшего, без сомнения, шеф-повара Ильи Лазерсона. Это «Лазанья». Очень рекомендую попробовать данный рецепт всем почитателям традиционных блюд итальянской кухни. Искренне надеюсь, что у меня получится приготовить соус болоньезе. Приятного аппетита, друзья! Смотрите и готовьте с удовольствием)

Также рекомендую, на первый взгляд, простое блюдо — Жареная картошка с шампиньонами. Но это только на первый взгляд.

Никогда бы не подумал, что это так просто. Прекрасная программа о том, как приготовить минутный стейк

Знаете ли вы все секреты настоящего новогоднего оливье от Ильи Лазерсона?

Друзья, вам нравится готовить или только хотите начать? Тогда вам сюда. Очень рекомендую сделать это с помощью Ильи Лазерсона!

Главный совет на все случаи жизни


Один совет на все случаи жизни, я скажу так: не откладывайте. Делайте сразу то, что нужно сделать сразу.

Однако не стоит это путать с теми решениями, которые нужно откладывать.

Например, решение порвать со своим любимым нужно отложить на завтра, а завтра отложить на послезавтра. Вы всегда успеете это сделать. Но как часто люди теряют главную любовь своей жизни, потому что сгоряча приняли решение, и потом гордость не позволила его изменить. Как много людей теряют бизнес-партнеров, после чего из одного гениального проекта получается два посредственных. Как много людей, к сожалению, редко видятся со своими родителями.

Откладывайте те вещи, где решение должно быть принято на холодную голову, и не путайте одно с другим.

Очередная полезность от Радислава Гандапаса.

Lewis Hamilton is 2018 Formula 1 World Champion

Just now! Lewis Hamilton, 33 years, is 2018 Formula One World Champion! Congrats!!! Fifth title. By the number of wins, Lewis shares the second place with El Maestro – the prominent Argentine racing car driver Juan Manuel Fangio. Michael Schumacher keeps on holding the records for the most World Championship titles (7), the most Grand Prix wins (91), the most fastest laps (77) and the most races won in a single season (13).

Ok. Gran Premio de Mexico 2018. Race results:
1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
2. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
3. Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari)
4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
5. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)