Английский рерайтинг: автомобильная тематика


Пример рерайтинга двух статей автомобильной тематики на английском языке (с ключами).

Article 1: http://www.leftlanenews.com/mercedes-benz-g500-4×42-concept.html

Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 Concept will be shown on Geneva Motor Show

The G500 4×4 was recently presented by Mercedes-Benz. The article depicts all the peculiarities of this car and gives clear mercedes g500 review. It is a must to read for all Mercedes fans.

The G500 4×4 was recently presented by Mercedes-Benz. Now we gladly give you mercedes g500 review. This concept is a more extreme version of the eternal G-Class. The G500 4×4 concepts will be publicly presented in nearly two weeks at the Geneva Motor Show.

The concept of mercedes g500 is 88 inches tall and 82 inches wide and comes with four wheels. It is a version of the G63 6×6 that was introduced for the first time in 2013. In 2015, mercedes g500 has portal axles, an increased ground clearance, about 22-inch beadlock wheels and a fiber trim sprinkling of carbon. In mercedes g500 review we declare that the imposing look of the concept is complemented with a deep front bumper that comes with three big air dams.

Any pictures of its interior have not been published eye, but according to the earlier obtained information the mercedes g500 cockpit will have much of the usual G500 production.

The g500 mercedes comes with a new twin-turbocharged V8 engine for 4.0 liters that can reach 422 horsepower that is 40 more than the others of G500. Power goes directly to all wheels via an automatic transmission.

The latest off-roader of mercedes g500 amg has 52 and 54 degrees of approach and departure. This means that it is capable of driving through 39 inches of water. The underbody of the concept is protected by stainless steel skid plates.

Likely, the off-roader’s production version of mercedes g500 will be introduced this year later. There is no information yet on mercedes g500 price in the USA. Similarly to the standard G500, the new 4x4s new V8 will find its way to Europe before this year ends.

Article 2: http://alpine-usa.com/product/view/x009-ram

X009-RAM 9-Inch In-Dash Redesign System for the hardest-working trucks

The article is aimed to tell you much new info about the supreme and revolutionary alpine x009. Due to renewed In-Dash System in X009-RAM, you will find a range of useful features. Learn more in this article.

It is up to you whether you want to have a calm life or life full of adventures. If you wish to set yourself free from four walls, you can rely on your truck. The X009-RAM is all you need to keep up with work and play. Due to renewed In-Dash System, you will find a range of useful features like customizable short-cuts, navigation and Bluetooth and wireless technology. You will be able to optimize your sound settings. Everything is easily controllable through the large 9-inch touch-screen. Thanks to its integrated system, large screen, and advanced technology, this system will easily restyle your truck and help you to enjoy the best driving experience.

The X009-RAM comes with external quality hard keys. You will get the direct and instant access to core functions including sound control, navigation, volume, vehicle information, phone access, rear camera view and My Favorites.

A new shortcut soft key for all audio and hands-free sources makes adding sources much easier. The alpine x009 allows you to set up “My Favorites” for one or two users. It is very easy to add, delete, re-arrange, and re-name your short-cut icons by simply dragging the icons to a new place on the screen. All of your settings will be kept in the form of a personal profile that will be linked to your phone via Bluetooth.

You can be sure in getting the best sound quality with alpine audio. The X009-RAM comes with a 24-Bit DAC as well as optical digital output for the best sound quality with all of your digital media sources.

Reliable navigation is provided by the X009-RAM. The alpine in dash system features the preloaded NAVTEQ® map data of the USA and Canada, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands. The turn-by-turn instructions are delivered by TTS technology, freeway exit names, street names as well as freeway numbers are announced clearly through vehicle’s audio system. You can choose out from different map view options, including split map, 3D mapping, and turn-by-turn arrow view, which also comes with alpine x009 exclusive Graphical User Interface with screen graphics for the best method to find your way.

You can stream music using your Android Smartphone and alpine x009 advanced technology. Thanks to your Android you can enjoy fast wireless operation of Pandora channels with Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down buttons right on the faceplate. You will also find Quick Search features. It is also possible to create new Pandora stations as well as bookmark tunes on-the-go.

HD is done by alpine x009-fd1. You can enjoy your music and programs in a clear digital format. There are FM stations with CD-quality sound as well as AM stations with FM-quality sound. You music choice goes further with multi-casting capability HD1 to HD3. You will be able to hear more music content and talk from the stations you already have.

You will find it very convenient to control your iPhone and iPod in the car. You can enjoy smooth operation of your iPod and full control over all of your media sources. It is easy to control all search options of iPod right from the X009-RAM via Playlist, Album, Artist, Genre, Song, Composer or Podcast. The renewed In-Dash System proposes you USB connection for your iPod or iPhone, which you can use for a faster access speed to find everything you need quickly.

You can add SiriusXM satellite radio to x009 to upgrade your sound experience. Thanks to a SiriusXM subscription and the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner you can get access to many channels of both new and exclusive commercial-free sports, music, and comedy including SiriusXM Latino and a suite of Spanish-language programming.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet known much info on alpine x009 price but work really hard on it.




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