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Работодатель хоть и с опозданием, но прислал ссылку на обзор, который я написал для сайта по электронной коммерции Ecommercenews еще в феврале. Но все равно — приятно. Статья называется «Ecommerce trends according to Nordic experts». Привожу пример текста:

For years we hear that mobile commerce is breaking through now. And that cross-border e-commerce will become even more critical. But what are the specific e-commerce trends for this year? Three CEOs from leading Nordic e-commerce companies to share their thoughts.

Christoffer Tyrefors is the CEO of Cykelkraft, Sweden’s largest online bicycle store. Nordic Etail owns this e-commerce site. This company’s CEO, Marcus Frederiksson, thinks – together with Tyrefors – that customer experience will gain an even more critical role in the e-commerce industry this year. “The e-commerce players understand that the purchase doesn’t end with the payment; delivery and after sales must be of the highest class.”

Customer-driven business

That’s also why they bet on customer-driven business being key e-commerce trends. The modern customer assumes more power and controls more of the e-commerce store: it influences its range, its content (in the form of reviews, Q&As or Instagram images) and also the presentation of the website, with for example the popular products being offered first.




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