Статья по онлайн-магазинам для сайта SAV


Написал статью на тему Can your online store do this? для британского сайта SAV. Пример текста привожу ниже:

Make the most of your product details

Every web store has product detail pages, which makes them seem deceptively simple. However, many detail pages fail by not catering to the specific requirements of the product being sold.

There are some products you can sell with little description, such as commodities — where each one is just like all the others — or items with no substitutes — where only a Harry Potter DVD will do. Many other products need more explanation and specific fields. Clothing comes in different sizes and colors and, were you to go all-out in fashion retailing you’d need a web store that reflects this. If you’re selling highly priced furniture, e-commerce software that only allows two lines of description just won’t cut it.

The software you use has to allow product details that can answer the questions a customer might ask a salesperson in the store. Is it suitable for…? Can it do…? Why should I buy this one?

Product walk-throughs

When an in-store customer asks a question that relates to a selection of products, experienced salespeople will recognize the opportunity for a sale. By asking the customer questions and trading off the products’ features and benefits based on their answers, a salesperson can reach a specific recommendation. This recommendation will be compelling, as the customer’s requirements will back it up.

While successful, this process is complicated to transfer online. Can your web store software provide space for asking customers the type of questions a top salesperson would? Such issues go beyond product features and get customers to think about benefits. For example, what are they looking for in a mattress; back-care, luxury or image? And what should they do in each scenario? With software that can walk a customer through the buying process, you will give them confidence and make more sales.


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