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Написал обзор для сайта Theecommercepro на тему Overseas mobile shoppers flocking to UK brands. Информацию для материала собирал из общедоступных источников в Сети.

Пример текста:

The number of overseas shoppers using their smartphones to browse UK brands has soared over the last quarter.

New data from the British Retail Consortium and Google has revealed that UK beauty and apparel companies enjoyed the most significant rise in search volumes on mobile devices; with increases of 51% and 41% respectively between October and December 2015.

The statistics also show a decline in the use of tablets with search volumes have fallen by 12% and 21% for beauty and apparel respectively.

It was also the case for leisure-focused brands and department stores, which both saw a rise of 37% and 33% on smartphones but declines of 12% and 16% on tablets.


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