Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

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Today I have found another Anna Wintour`s amazing video. Cannot help sharing with you.

The outstanding Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour talks about why she always has on her favorite Chanel shades to her least beloved word in fashion.

Moreover, over 70 secret things make this great boss woman Anna Wintour. You will find plenty of new information about Anna Wintour in the video below.

Many thanks for the video to the official American Vogue YouTube Channel and its Editor.

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3 thoughts on “Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

  1. Anna Wintour is amazing! I simply adore this brilliant woman! “Fashion today is available to everybody in a way that it’s never been before: you’ve got every designer you’ve ever heard of working for H&M or Target. That’s fantastic.” Anna Wintour



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