Boss Women: Kira Rudik – Ring Ukraine COO


Photo from Kira Rudik`s Facebook.

Kira Rudik is a mega-talented COO and a great woman. We studied together at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy but did not know each other at that time.

In 2016, Ring’s Research and Development Center opened in Ukraine. Kira Rudik was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. Now she describes it as the most exciting experience of her life.

Since that time, Ring Ukraine, which creates high-tech smart home security systems, has hired over 700 professionals in Ukraine. The company has flourished significantly, and Kira Rudik was the person who managed to persuade Ring that it must have its research branch in Ukraine.

All present companys success is connected with Rudiks activity and her lifestyle. Speed, hardworking, and the complete lack of self-pity are things which guide Rudik as a manager and entrepreneur.

“The central principle of the best manager is the absence of self-pity. You will never lead people behind you without self-sacrifice. You have to be the first to come to work and the last to leave. The leader must take a punch and keep it. It is unpleasant to accept, but that is the truth” (Kira Rudik).

Below you will find a fascinating and challenging interview with Kira Rudik. Please note that the interview is in Russian. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanx VP Team and Vika Pridatko for the video.

  1. Хорошее интервью. Ведущая Вика немного перегнула, но в целом все гуд. А вообще — приятно смотреть на двух классных и, главное, умных, девушек.


    1. Никогда не слышала о Рудик. Спасибо, Андрей, что дал небольшое резюме. С интересом посмотрела. Виктория тоже гуд, но немного безбашенная. Хотя так и нужно, наверное

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  2. Была намного лучшего мнения о Кире, пока она не присоеденилась к молодежному блоку Порошенко — партии Голос. Считаю для нее это большим шагом назад. Дорогая Кирочка, бегите оттуда, пока есть возможность. Не позорьте себя и Ринг Украина. Удачи вам

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