TOP-5 Answers to Common Job Interview Questions


Nobody can 100% forecast every question that a potential employer will ask you during a job interview. However, certain items are almost predictable. You need to be sure you are ready to astonish the interviewer with your answers to frequent interview questions. Below you will find several common job interview questions, which I have recently faced with.

Tell about yourself

It is quite simple, is not it? You need to introduce yourself in a way that is most applicable to the context of a specific job interview. The interviewer does not want to know how many brothers and sisters you have or what your favorite sport is. As an alternative, tell your possible employer about your education, how you became interested in this specific field, what your professional interests are, and why you decided to apply for this job. You don’t need to go too in depth at this point, give a short overview.

Tell about your and weaknesses and strengths

When it comes to talking about your weakness, you should never lie. Just be truthful. Use examples to discuss how you have been working to conquer it. Choose your strength that is most applicable to the job position. Then give several examples of when it has helped you to achieve success in your previous job.

What specific experience makes you the best candidate?

Answering this question, you need to mention all the qualifications and skills that might not be understandable from your CV. Tell the interviewer about specific courses you have taken that have taught you the necessary skills for this job. You can also give a few examples of your experience from your Masters diploma.

Tell about your future career plans

You need to tell about your real career goals. Moreover, you need to demonstrate how your background (education and previous work experience) can help you achieve them. Here you can talk about everything you want concerning this job. This answer should be prepared in advance.

Do you have any questions?

Think about what would make or break your decision to work for this company. Prepare a list of questions ahead of the interview. It will be a significant advantage that the interviewer will undoubtedly notice. Consider things like salary, vacations, sick leave, future career opportunities, etc. The more questions you ask, the happier your probable employer will be. He will realize that you have done much work to prepare for the interview and that you are a serious and reliable person.

Having an interview is a hard job too. You need to prepare all the answers beforehand. You also need to know everything about the company. At least, study the company`s website thoroughly and make all the essential motes. A job interview is always your time to stand out and shine. If you are well-prepared, you will undoubtedly succeed. Good luck!

Один ответ на “TOP-5 Answers to Common Job Interview Questions

  1. Agree with these questions. However, the best thing that you must never do on the interview is not to be afraid and to be yourselff. It is the main issue of your success. If you fail, do not be upset. Keep on preparing and yoiu will definitely find a job of your dream



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