Proofreading, editing, and translation of your company`s content

As a professional English translator and editor, for two years already I have been helping businesses to proofread and check all content on their official websites and other public resources. I`ve already helped hotels, shops, museums, restaurants, hospitals, state companies, startups, IT companies, pizzerias, gas stations, resorts, entertainment centers, sports clubs, etc. to improve their texts in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

For any company, pure content is a necessity. It is not just the question of reputation but money mainly. Imagine a situation when one of your biggest clients is a Grammar Nazi. If he/she sees a mistake in your “Weekly offer” or “Newsletter,” he/she will never be your client anymore. And you will lose both money and reputation, which is more important. It is quite obvious, is not it?

People who are responsible for content in any company often make mistakes and various misprints. It happens due to multiple reasons. Mainly it is because they do not consider content and text important. There are also cases when people without special experience and background are in charge of the company website. Because it is not their fault but overall management inaccuracy. Stylistic, grammatical, punctuation and other mistakes are less common, but they also take place.

Thus, my job is to proofread the content of official webpage of a given company, find any mistakes, and correct them. It is a one-time job, but in many cases, businesses hire me for weekly/monthly monitoring and proofreading of their content on an ongoing basis. It is convenient and profitable for both parties.

Why do you need to care about your business content?

  1. You need to be always sure that your written online/offline reputation is invulnerable;
  2. Any trustworthy business cannot allow making mistakes in texts, articles, reviews, goods description, newsletters, etc.;
  3. Your website is your business`s face. For example, look at your “About us” page. You must always keep it shining from pure perfection. It is the first thing that your potential client will see first.

Thus, you need to trust your website content to a professional and get the 100% result in a short time.

Contact me any time you need to proofread your content.



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