Writing descriptions of dog supplies and accessories


I have recently finished writing descriptions of dog and puppy supplies and accessories ordered by popular niche websites barkbox.com and olivegreendog.com. Overall, I described such categories of supplies as dog toys, dog bed, dog clothing and accessories, dog food, etc.

  • The total amount of descriptions: 50 items of 1,500 characters without spaces each. Photo editing and processing included.
  • Language: English.
  • Time spent: two days.

Strict compliance with agreements is a critical principle in my work. As a trustworthy partner committed to clients’ right to confidentiality, I never disclose translated texts and all ordered materials to third parties. The examples of neutral descriptions on dog supplies are available upon request.

Contact me at any time to cooperate and order translation.

P. S. Amazing and funny labrador Modi is on the photo.


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