Is it possible to survive on Google salary in the USA?


IT industry salaries. This question often bothers people who wish to become a part of one of the industry giants. Google traditionally offers one of the highest salaries in the IT-industry. On average, the company provides developers/programmers $ 10,000 per month.

Someone may say: «That’s what I have been dreaming about!» However, everything is so simple. Let’s calculate how much money you can save if you get such a salary.

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For example, your average salary is $10,000/month. Taxes will take about 40% of this sum. Now you have $6000 left. Renting a place in a hostel in Silicon Valley costs about $1,500/month. If you want to rent a private room, it will cost $2500. Now you have $3500-4000 left.

If you suddenly want to have a child, then you should be ready to pay another $2,000/month for kindergarten or school! That is why the locals prefer to get their own dogs, as it is much cheaper. Therefore, for example, it is challenging to find a family in San Francisco that has more than one child.

You will give at least $60/day for dinner in an ordinary café. Most Americans do not prefer to eat at home. This explains the popularity of fast-foods, but you usually spend $15-20 for not the best quality food. Do not forget about cosmetics, sports, clothing, health, entertainment, and much more.

As a result, you can save nothing from your $10,000 Google salary in the United States. Unnecessarily high prices on everything force you to spend 98% of monthly salary on daily needs without any chic and «luxurious» life.


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