Pros and cons of sex for human body

What are the main benefits and specific drawbacks of sex for women and men? The advantages of sex vary from lowering cancer risk to preventing stress. Sex influence on feelings between men and women is explained.

Sex is not only a pleasure but a part of a healthy lifestyle. Sex makes us happy and inspiring. Numerous scientific studies have proven that regular sexual relationships bring significant health benefits. On the contrary, prolonged abstinence or the complete absence of sex affect human health negatively.

The benefits of sex for women and men

Sex has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of males and females. It stimulates the metabolism and activates the recovery processes. Active sex life reduces all heart attack risks, lowers and stabilizes blood pressure.

Regular sex enhances the immune system. The male and female brain simultaneously receives special signals that stimulate the thymus gland, as well as the production of immunoglobulin A. It directly affects the ability to resist infections.

Sex activates all essential mechanisms of the nervous system, which protect women and men from the harmful effects of stress. During sex, endorphins and oxytocin hormones are released and positively affect the pleasure centers in the brain. Thus, they help prevent anxiety and depression.

The testosterone hormone, which is produced during sexual intercourse, has a positive effect on the whole male body. It launches all metabolic processes that help to slow down the ageing. All men need to have regular sex to prevent prostate diseases and erectile dysfunction.

Is sex bad for health?

The latest research works have proved that sex is advantageous for the human body. However, whether it is beneficial or harmful for males and females depends on the harmony of the relations between partners, on their knowledge and skills. The desire to diversify sexuality and frequent change of partners is not suitable for sex. Only regular sex with a reliable partner will be beneficial.

Not every sexual intercourse has a positive effect on women’s health. If a woman gets pleasure from the process, the positives effect is guaranteed. What matters is not the intimate life itself, but its quality and regularity.

Sex has no adverse effects on men. It can only be harmful if a man neglects protection. Unprotected sexual intercourse and frequent change of partners cause a considerable risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or AIDS.


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