Take responsibility

Taking responsibility is a responsible thing. It is what matters now.

Awareness must be. Responsibility is a significant deterrent. Without it, people could do a lot of stupid things.

It will always be scary. As a result, the leaders evoke admiration because they can overcome this fear and take a further step. Motivation is the result of the fact that a person sets realistic goals.

If the goal is attractive, the motivation will arise by itself.

Do not waste your time and energy on blaming and complaining! Forgive the past, take responsibility, and move forward!

Toronto Raptors wins the first NBA championship in their history

Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship! That is amazing! Canada celebrates the greatest sporting achievement. The Raptors used all they could, as well as their far superior health, to close down Oracle Arena and close out the NBA’s two-time reigning champions Thursday night with a 114-110 Game 6 victory over the Golden State Warriors!

Labrador Modi is swimming in the Desna River

Today, funny Labrador Modi has decided to swim in the Desna River near Chernihiv (Ukraine) for the first time in 2019. Though he is already over six years old, he still has lots of energy and inclination to do this in his usual foolish way. It is very hot in Chernihiv now, which makes Labrador swimming more enjoyable and long-waited. Watch how he has entertained himself today!

More videos on funny Labrador Modi watch here.

Poker articles in English


Today I have finished a series of 15 articles on poker. The total amount of characters – 180,000 without spaces.

Topics of some articles:

  • No-limit Texas Hold’em Poker Rules;
  • How to win on freerolls – tips on how to earn on poker without investments;
  • Betfair poker review;
  • PokerStars poker review;
  • Poker Hand Rankings;
  • 888poker review;
  • How to play on freerolls;
  • Pros and Cons of Omaha and Texas Hold’em.

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