Meet Justin — native English speaker on YouTube

Friends, meet Justin. Perhaps you have already subscribed to his YouTube. Justin is a native English speaker from North America. Now he lives and teaches English in St. Petersburg, Russia.

There are a lot of interesting videos on English on Justin’s channel from the point of view of a native speaker.

Justin explains the main mistakes in learning English and how to avoid them. You will also find a lot of interesting info about North American slang, idioms, synonyms, customs, and much other useful info.

Here are some interesting videos:

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The simplest rule for a happy life


You should never expect anything from anyone. Never. Nothing. From no one.

Only in this case, you will be pleasantly surprised and will never suffer any more.

All human sufferings always originate in inflated and unreasonable expectations.

It’s very simple, isn’t it?

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As you get older, you tend to be a little less patient with people — people who are not prepared, people who have unrealistic expectations, people who make unrealistic demands, and people who think they’re more special than other people.

And always remember the most important thing. There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations.

Cannot but agree with Bruce Lee: I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.

Coronavirus disease: When to wear and how to use a medical mask properly?

Many people wear a mask to protect against coronavirus disease (COVID-19). However, more than 95% of people do it in the wrong way. Therefore, wearing a mask becomes useless. So, I am giving you answers to two vital questions: When you must use a medical mask, How to wear it properly, and how to remove a medical mask. In this post, you will get the answers.

When to use a medical mask?

  1. If you are healthy, you must wear a mask only in that case when you are going to take care of another person with suspected COVID-19 infection;
  2. If you start to cough/sneeze, you must wear a mask;
  3. Without exception, medical masks are efficient only when you use them in combination with regular hand-cleaning with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub;
  4. If you do need to wear a mask, you must know how to use it and dispose of it appropriately.

Official WHO video: Can a medical mask protect you against a coronavirus infection?

How to wear medical masks to protect against coronavirus?

  1. Before wearing a mask, you must clean hands with soap and water/alcohol-based hand rub;
  2. Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between the mask and your face;
  3. Never touch the mask while using it. However, if you do, clean your hands immediately with soap and water/alcohol-based hand rub;
  4. Never re-use single-use medical masks.

Official WHO video: How to wear a masks to protect against coronavirus?

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How to remove your medical mask properly?

  1. When you need to remove a medical mask, complete the following actions:
  2. Remove your medical mask from behind (never touch the front of the mask);
  3. Throw it away right away in a closed bin;
  4. Clean your hands with soap and water/alcohol-based hand rub.

Do not panic! Stay healthy! Everything will be great!

How to develop independence in children and aged people

Let me give you a short advice. Children and older people must do everything themselves. Dressing, tying shoelaces, washing dishes, making a bed, putting clothes in a closet, turning on and off the TV, doing minimal cleaning, and doing many other things themselves.

Remember the main rule: you should never do work that old people and children can do themselves.

Independence and responsibility are very important for personal development and vitality support. While excessive care always only makes it worse for both children and aged people.

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How to develop independence in children? Please, find the answer in the video:


Useful article: How to grow Independence in Young Children: Tips for Parents

Доктор Комаровский: ответы на вопросы о COVID-19 (Видео)


Доктор Евгений Олегович Комаровский в представлении не нуждается. Уважаемый врач, всемирно известный педиатр регулярно выкладывает ролики на своем YouTube канале. Это ответы на вопросы о COVID-19 – коронавирус — проблеме номер 1 в мире на сегодняшний день.

Выполняйте рекомендации специалиста, не паникуйте и все будет хорошо, друзья!

Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 1:



Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 2:



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Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 3:



Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 4:



Коронавирус (COVID-19): Вся новейшая информация от Всемирной организации здравоохранения о коронавирусе

Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 5:


Доктор Комаровский: Ответы на вопросы о коронавирусе, выпуск 6:

How to train your brain efficiently?


The brain is a muscle. The brain must be trained daily. Only then it will be vigorous and strong. That is wht recording thoughts has an amazing effect on the human brain.

As soon as a thought is recorded, a place for a new thought is freed. If you keep all your ideas in yourself, dangerous phenomena arise.

Firstly, a person stops to invent new things. Secondly, a person thinks that he has a lot of ideas in his head, although it’s actually good if there are at least a few (Artemy Lebedev, “Brain”).

More interesting issues on Artemy Lebedev (in Russian):

You go to a gym to train your muscles, you run or build your endurance. However, what can you do to train your brain? Training your brain will speed up your memory recall and it will undoubtedly help you learn faster. Are you looking to train your brain to be smarter? Here are 9 tricks and tips to train your brain to be smarter.

See you, folks!

How to succeed during coronavirus self-quarantine: Alexander Pushkin, Isaac Newton, and you

Now almost all countries of the world are in quarantine in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, do not lose heart. You must strictly adhere to the quarantine rules and finally do everything you planned to do before but never had time for.

The Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and the outstanding English physicist Isaac Newton were also forced to quarantine for some time. Look what came of it.

Alexander Pushkin, cholera and quarantine

In 1830, Alexander Pushkin, while preparing for the wedding, briefly stopped in financial matters at his family country seat Boldino. A sudden outbreak of cholera and quarantine locked the poet in the wilderness for over three months.

It became the most striking and fruitful period in Pushkin’s creative work. In unexpected quarantine seclusion, the poet felt an unprecedented surge of inspiration, mastered new genres and literary forms, and as a result wrote an incredible amount of his remarkable prose and poetry.

Isaac Newton, Plague, and Quarantine

In 1665, Isaac Newton was forced to leave Cambridge and returned home. The reason for this was the quarantine during the outbreak of the plague in England. Deprived of the opportunity to teach and communicate with colleagues while in isolation, Newton went much deeper into scientific research. It was then that he discovered the Law of universal gravitation and wrote many scientific papers, which have retained their relevance in our days.

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What to Watch, Read and Listen to During Your Coronavirus Self-Quarantine?

It is a bad time. Thousands of people across the world are sick with coronavirus. Those who aren’t are being encouraged to stay away from public spaces. Schools, museums, movie theaters, bars, restaurants – all closed. You’re home, and you need a distraction. Let me help you. In this article you will find some propositions for what to watch, what to listen to, what to cook, how to entertain your kids. Be safe.

It will also help you to cheer up:

To crown it all

Any crisis is not only difficulties and a huge inconvenience. It is an amazing period when windows of opportunities are actively opening. Strange as it may seem, it is the best time for new ideas and discoveries, creative breakthroughs and insights.

Right now, during quarantine, we can get all these “I`ll do it later” from the far shelves of the subconscious – I’ll write, read, finish, look, try, create … later.  You can waste this time in rubbish, panic, and depression. But you can direct your energy to the embodiment of what will become a new step in your life.

So, self-quarantine, self-educate, and do not panic! Everything will be great!  

Andrey Burenok: The best motivational video about coronavirus – you are being manipulated!

Andrey Burenok from Chernigov released an excellent video about the true attitude to coronavirus. I strongly advise you to watch it. No more words, friends. And no more panic!

The epidemic of fear. How to survive during a panic?


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