Mikhail Labkovsky about a real woman


A tremendously popular and smart Russian psychologist, Mikhail Labkovsky, finally gave his professional opinion on a real woman. I have prepared for you a brief overview of the main arguments of the psychologist.

So, who is a real woman?


A screenshot from “Scent of a Woman” movie

Firstly. A real woman is always self-sufficient. She does not need to marry or be in a relationship with a man to feel happy. The absence or presence of a man nearby does not at all affect her confidence and how she treats herself.

Secondly. A real woman does not compare herself to anyone. She is not interested in leg length, chest size, or age. She may like someone else’s appearance, but she never envies anyone. She likes everything in herself. She loves herself not because her legs are long and her waist is thin, but because it is HER BODY, whatever it may be.

Thirdly. A real woman always chooses herself in any situation. She will not give up her beloved business if the man wants her not to work. She will not satisfy the needs of society, such as “you need to have a child before 30″ or «marry before 25» if these points are not included in the list of her interests. She certainly will not lose weight, enlarge her lips, and subject herself to painful cosmetic procedures to match what society considers “beautiful.”

Fourthly. A real woman loves herself. It is because of this that she can respect and sympathize with other people. It is this love of self that allows her loving other people sincerely: be it relatives, friends, or her sex partner. However, she will not tolerate manipulation, orders, and rudeness. She can easily say no. And if she says yes, then it is because she really wants it. And certainly not because of politeness.

Finally. A real woman, like a real man, never worries about gender stereotypes. She does not try to comply with the unspoken “canons of femininity” — they do not interest her at all. A real woman does not divide interests, lifestyle, work, career, clothes, and food into “feminine” and “non-feminine”. She chooses only what she wants. A real woman always focuses on herself. She always counts only on herself.

You may ask why such a woman needs a man. All is simple – for joy and happiness. And the rest in this life she can do by herself.

P. S. Mikhail Labkovsky about a real woman (in Russian)


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