Mikhail Labkovsky about a real man


A screenshot from “Scent of a Woman” movie

Yesterday we talked about a popular Russian psychologist, Mikhail Labkovsky opinion about a real woman. Now I will share with you his professional thoughts about a real man. This expert opinion is interesting and informative, and there is a huge place for discussion. No more words. Let`s go straight to the point.

So, who is a real man?


Firstly. A real man never worries about his masculinity. It means that he does not care at all about gender stereotypes. A man will never rebuild his only life to get the approval of society. He does not divide work, interests, hobbies, food, and car into “male and female”. He doesn’t care about that. A real man always chooses what he likes. It is his only true criterion. ⠀

Secondly. A real man knows how to take responsibility. He does not blame the economic situation, the government, friends, mom or dad, or anyone else for his failures. He has full control over his life and he does not think that anyone is more fortunate, because he has friendship with the boss, rich parents, and so on. He doesn’t give a damn about it either. He goes his way and does not look at other people.

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Thirdly. A real man always copes with failures. It does not mean that there are no failures in his life. If he makes a mistake, loses money, misses the opportunity, and so on, he always knows how to get up, recover, and move on. A real man never lives in the past. He accepts life as it is, and tries to learn from everything. ⠀

Fourthly. A real man understands the word «no» and is not chasing anyone. If he likes a woman, he always takes the first step and he is not afraid of speaking openly about his likes and feelings. He does not need to “win” anyone, because his confidence does not depend on success in women at all. A real man perfectly understands that someone may not like him, and it does not bother him at all. He prefers those women who treat him symmetrically and who have own opinion and confidence.

Finally. A real man loves himself. He likes what he does and how he looks. He seeks to enjoy his life, and not meet the expectations of others about what should be a «real man.» These qualities make him a person who can support others and share his feelings with them. ⠀

P. S: Radislav Gandapas about Five secrets of a real man (in Russian)


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