Meet Justin — native English speaker on YouTube

Friends, meet Justin. Perhaps you have already subscribed to his YouTube. Justin is a native English speaker from North America. Now he lives and teaches English in St. Petersburg, Russia.

There are a lot of interesting videos on English on Justin’s channel from the point of view of a native speaker.

Justin explains the main mistakes in learning English and how to avoid them. You will also find a lot of interesting info about North American slang, idioms, synonyms, customs, and much other useful info.

Here are some interesting videos:

P. S. This post is not corrupted))

2 ответ. на "Meet Justin — native English speaker on YouTube"

  1. Language is so invested with identity. You must resist and hold on to language skills and use them, when you visit cafes and restaurants.
    Australian academic Professor Manning Clark lamented how immigrants might lose their native language in the barrage of English that one gets in Australia. Even though we have all come from somewhere else. There are moves to save the indigenous languages from extinction.

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  2. I absolutely agree that indigenous languages must be safed from extinction. However, if you live in a foreign English-speaking country, you need to master your skills every day not to be an extraterrestrial. BTW, Justin`s video are not always that helpful I expect them to be.



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