Simple and effective hygiene rules during coronavirus in terms of common sense

Since recently, everyone has started to abide by a variety of rules to be good for society during coronavirus. However, not all rules actually make sense. Therefore, I am providing you with a shortlist of what really makes sense during COVID-19. Moreover, not only today but until the end of your life.


  • It makes no sense to wash your hands for a minute or even 30 seconds. It is enough to wash your hands for 10 seconds;

* How to wash hands during coronavirus:

  • Water temperature is not important for washing hands. Only soap is important;
  • Ordinary soap does its job well. There is no point in buying an exclusive “antibacterial soap” because regular soap helps to flush out almost all germs and viruses;

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  • Hot water rinses off fat better, it is no longer needed for anything;
  • Wearing a medical mask on the street is not necessary and even harmful. Wearing a mask in an enclosed space at least makes scientific sense (Coronavirus disease: When to wear and how to use a medical mask properly?);

  • In the case of paranoia, it makes sense to press the elevator button through the sleeve and open the door with your foot. In theory, it can help from coronavirus, but it will not help from tuberculosis or hepatitis A.

  • Therefore: make friends with germs. Pick your nose after a ride in public transport. And when you get old, be ready to die. It is as natural and organic as possible.

    Thanks to Artemy Lebedev for useful tips. By the way, do you know how to train your brain efficiently? You are welcomed to know the simple rules-)

    Yury Dud`s film about Silicon Valley to impress millions of thoughtful people 


    Photo: Andrey Doronichev (Google — youtube) and yury dud (vDud — youtube)

    Yury Dud’s new film about the Silicon Valley has already been watched over six million times. I think many of you also watched it. Do you know what the most popular comment for this video is?

    “For an hour and a half, I have been feeling like shit.”

    Yes, this is the quintessence of this video. To motivate and to show the path and the goal. The goal is not to stop, not to calm down, but to learn and make it clear that success is not about the ability to adapt, and it is not about the ability to survive in the competition.

    Andrey Doronichev, Director for Project Management at Google accepts the award for VR Experience of the Year:


    It is about the ability to change the world and to mark a place for oneself in the history books.

    It is not an advertisement for Silicon Valley; it is an ode to Entrepreneurship and the Right Priorities.

    So, watch the film by yourself and show it to high school students.


    P. S. Yury Dud`s film about Silicon Valley is top-end, informative, and motivational. I am knocked speechless! Eye-popping! So much constructive info in a single video, which makes you think hard about your life. I especially liked the speech at the end. Cool content. I think that it will be correct to write any comment for this video to promote it to the top and so that more people watch and get more insights. Thank the vDud team and all the participants in the video who shared their gigantic and useful experience!

    Silicon Valley: How does the IT Capital of the World operate?


    Photo: Andrey Doronichev

    Journalist Yury Dud and his team have released an excellent video dedicated to Silicon Valley specialists. How do people achieve such overwhelming success? How to attract investment in a startup? How to earn the first $ 1,000,000? How did Andrey Doronichev become Director of Product Management in Google?

    You will find answers to all questions and a lot of other interesting info about the largest and the most prosperous IT cluster in the world in this video: