Victoria Borodina vs Yury Dud on his Silicon Valley film


Victoria Borodina

I have recently come across an exciting YouTube channel about Silicon Valley and how to move to work there. Thanx to Victoria Borodina and ProgBlog for their great job.

In particular, Yury Dud and all his vDud team gets a critical answer to his film about Silicon Valley from Victoria Borodina. After his film about Silicon Valley, Borodina noticed that many of the main and significant issues were not revealed in the film. Therefore, Victoria decided to shoot her video with answers to important questions about Silicon Valley.

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Victoria Borodina`s answer to Yury Dud:

Victoria Borodina`s Company, uDevs, helps all IT professionals who want to work in Silicon Valley and move there for employment in Google, Netflix, etc.

if you are interested in this issue, I strongly recommend Victoria`s YouTube channel.

Take care, folks!


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