What will happen to the travel business after COVID-19? Andrey Burenok gives his opinion


Andrey Burenok, CEO of TripMyDream

COVID-19 has already ruined the travel plans of millions of people. Many travel agencies and hotels are sustaining huge losses now. Millions of people are in frustration. What is waiting for travel business and travelers in after the coronavirus quarantine? When will the travel business recover?

The CEO of TripMyDream, Andrey Burenok, has something important to say.

Andrey Burenok and his team run a popular travel channel on YouTube. Find out all the details in Andrey Burenok`s video:

P. S. TripMyDream is the state-of-the-art destination search service that finds and dynamically packages value flight and hotel deals for numerous destinations by analyzing price dynamics and the accessibility using millions of data points.

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I want to add something:

Europe and other countries are starting to call off some quarantine restrictions for its citizens.

Czech Republic: The authorities have revised the schedule for the removal of quarantine restrictions. Starting from May 11, events with participation of fewer than 100 people will be allowed, theaters and cinemas, shopping centers and museums will be opened.

Austria: On May 1, restrictions on free movement were called off. Moreover, it is prescribed not to gather in groups of more than 10 people, but to wear protective masks in public places. Large stores and service companies are opening.

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Spain: From May 2, you can freely walk and play sports outdoors. It is for the first time since March 14.

Turkey: Shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and some hotels with a limited number of guests will be open soon.

Everything will be fine!

2 thoughts on “What will happen to the travel business after COVID-19? Andrey Burenok gives his opinion

  1. I know Burenok as a good and clever guy with stable own opinion. Tripmydream is a reliable service for ordering tickets. Hope they will survive after that fucken virus. Thanx to both Andrews



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