Sebastian Pytka Reveals Astonishing Smart Art


Photo: Sebastian Pytka`s Facebook.

I have recently come across a picture titled “Divorce” by Sebastian Pytka. It impressed me greatly and I was shocked. He is a very talented Polish graphic designer and artist. Sebastian depicts vital issues of everyday reality that affects each of us but is often portrayed by difficult wordplay and metaphors.

Sebastian Pytka basically draws attention to the significant problems of contemporary society. The author reveals observers their ways of thinking. Pytka attempts to bring out to viewers the next unseen sense and each detail of his paintings carries deep symbolism.

Sebastian Pytka`s portfolio and contact details you can find here.

Below you will find my favorite pictures by Sebastian Pytka. Please, enjoy it!

Divorce is my favorite picture by this great artist. Children often blame themselves when their parents have divorced. That is why they must feel safe and comfortable with each parent. By the way, have you read my post? How to love and patronize children in the best way: best advice. You are kindly welcomed to read and give your opinion.


Sebastian Pytka, Beater


Sebastian Pytka, Break Glass


Sebastian Pytka, Facebook


Sebastian Pytka, Feed


Sebastian Pytka, Gender


Sebastian Pytka, In a RelationshipSebastian Pytka In A Relationship

Sebastian Pytka, Last Move


Sebastian Pytka, Matches


Sebastian Pytka, Price Tag


Sebastian Pytka, Sign


Sebastian Pytka, Talent



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