Charles Leclerc vs. Carlos Sainz: facts and figures

Yesterday Carlos Sainz became Leclerc`s teammate and joined the Scuderia Ferrari family. But he is not going to be the driver number 2. Sainz is very talented and ambitious, and it will be incredibly hard for Leclerc to stay the number 1 at Ferrari.
Are you looking forward to seeing these amazing drivers race together? Then find the statistics above.

More info on Carlos Sainz statistics:

Carlos Sainz statistics

Carlos Sainz boigraphy features can be found here.

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This is a brilliant driver line up, either way, you look at it for Ferrari. Either Sainz comes in or Leclerc push each other and Ferrari forward or if Leclerc is clear number one then in Sainz they have a quick driver to regularly score podiums to back Leclerc up.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Barretto, Formula 1 senior writer, analyzes what Sainz and Ricciardo moves mean for Vettel and the rest of the driver market. I recommend this interesting investigation.

Personally, I think Sainz will do brilliant there and is one of the most underrated drivers on the grid. I’m a Hamilton fan but watch out Mercedes coz this will take Ferrari up a level. Sainz seems very balanced and mature for his age. I think he will handle the new gig well.

2 ответ. на "Charles Leclerc vs. Carlos Sainz: facts and figures"

  1. In my view Ferrari should have sign Riccardo for next 2 years as current Ferrari car is a step down from mercedes and you need to have two top drivers to beat Hamilton (through smart race strategies) and go for constructors. After two years, who ever is the fastest between Leclerc and Riccardo, to lead the Ferrari challenge, the other to make path for a number 2 driver.

    Нравится 1 человек


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