Start learning a foreign language right now!


If you constantly put off learning a foreign language, Radislav Gandapas helped me to give you a few reasons why you should stop doing this.

The main reasons for starting to learn a foreign language:

A great chance to gain self-confidence. It is all about confidence at work and traveling, as well as about personal confidence.

Improving your intellectual level. According to a study conducted by specialists at York University in Toronto, people who studied the second language showed a much better result when passing the IQ test compared to those who do not speak a foreign language at all.

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Improving literacy in your native language. While learning a foreign language, you will have to remember about declensions, syntax, and much more issues. The tools listed above allow repeating and learning your native language. As a result, competent written and oral speech in the native language.

Competitive advantage in employment. Plenty of companies operate in global markets. All of them need people who speak several languages. Employees who speak a foreign language with an economic or technical background are especially valuable.

Multitasking. Learning foreign languages ​​trains your multitasking. And it will come in handy in all areas of your life.

Memory improvement. There’s no need to explain anything here — everything is obvious.

What foreign languages ​​do you speak, folks? Why did you decide to study them?


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