One-second rule


Have you heard about one-second rule? Napoleon Hill wrote about this rule in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” (1937). The one-second rule sounds like the following:

“Always think twice before saying anything because your words will sow the seeds of success or failure in the listeners` minds.”

To say even shorter and easier to understand, the one-second rule can be formulated as: “Slow down a second before you say something.”

Why do you need to adhere to this rule?

Firstly, when you interrupt a talk partner, you express your disrespect immediately. If you interrupt because you know what he/she is going to say, you are also hinting that he/she is boring and predictable.

Secondly, using the one-second rule, you give yourself time to concentrate and find the right words. Remember the famous proverb: “A word spoken is past recalling.”

Finally, the one-second rule will always make you smarter and give you an edge in any contentious situation. It sounds funny, but it really works.

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All of you have big dogs and smart people whom you like to look like. Refresh your memory, please. How do they talk? Have you ever heard them interrupting their talk partners during a conversation?


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