BTCNEXT exchange for inexperienced traders

Since 2016, cryptocurrency trading has turned into one of the most popular types of online profits. The number of active crypto traders has been growing gradually daily. That is why plenty of inexperienced gambling people start selecting other valuable options for earning extra profit. And here rather than elsewhere BTCNEXT`s developers think out of the box.

BTCNEXT exchange is a great option for new and beginner traders who are just starting to make first steps in digital trading. QDAO Platinum Engineering has developed this popular cryptocurrency exchange initially for Japanese and Korean customers. Later on, it spread globally. One of the primary goals of BTCNEXT is to offer inexperienced cryptocurrency traders a good way to pocket big money easily and safely.

BTCNEXT proposes a range of tokens counting stablecoins, ERC20 tokens, etc. The main principle is to make your cryptocurrency trading experience as easy and as comfortable as possible. That is why novice traders choose BTCNEXT to start cryptocurrency trading with. The key advantages of this cryptocurrency exchange platform for beginners are as follows:

  • Created for beginners and developed by experts;
  • Quick and easy way to start cryptocurrency trading;
  • 24/7/365 professional customer support via several means;
  • Margin trading;
  • Uppermost security using more than 300 security methods;
  • Fixed trading fees;
  • Plenty of BTCNEXT academy blockchain courses for free;
  • Ability to trade all popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, etc.
  • 1000 BTCNEXT bonus weekly;
  • Ability to hit the pot in the most money-making lotteries.

To sum up

Now you know why the BTCNEXT exchange is a great choice for inexpert traders. Newcomers never want to lose money while starting a new business. That is why they prefer choosing BTCNEXT exchange to start their advantageous travelling in the cryptocurrency trading market. So, change your life to better by exchanging cryptocurrency with BTCNEXT.



Over-the-counter or OTC is a trade type in which the trader and the purchaser settle the business directly with each other. In this case, they do not need to engage the services of a broker`s board. Since 2017, OTC trading has become popular in cryptocurrency trading.


A stable coin is a type of cryptocurrency which is developed to reduce the volatility of the price of the stable coin. It can be attached to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, or various exchange-traded commodities (industrial metals, gold, etc.).


Scalping is one of the most popular and widely used terms for cryptocurrency trading strategies. Such traders just scalp trades. They do not need to get as much profit as possible. Scalpers try to pocket small profits all the time. Recently, scalping has become one of the popular cryptocurrency trends. 


Angular is a popular framework for creating web apps. You can use HTML language as a template. Thus, you can use HTML’s syntax to express your app’s components plainly and briefly. Overall, Angular allows building a simple app for digital currencies.

Dedicated team

A dedicated team is an attractive approach to cryptocurrency trading. The bigger your team of loyal like-minded people, the more profit your company receives. Your dedicated team may be located both in a local office or it may be a remote team. The process looks like the following. For example, your company hires a team of experts who must cope with specific work easily. Then need not to be trained. They are already professionals. As a rule, one dedicated team works on a single project of a given client. Overall, a dedicated team model is a perfect tool for the progress of blockchain and products.


QDAO DeFi platform offers one of the largest crypto deposit rates in the industry. Being a popular cryptocurrency network, Cardano`s key goal is to run a public blockchain platform for smart contracts.

QDAO DeFi has already turned into an enormous ecosystem. As we have recently started to look for the latest ways to earn much profit, we are happy to announce the result. We were lucky to find finally the newest method to pocket good cash. It is Cardano staking.

Which updates can you enjoy now?

Cardano is launching the ultimate update titled the Shelley transition. It will entirely transform the Cardano network instantly. In particular, the Shelley will bring:

  • Complete decentralization by means of a new Ouroboros algorithm;
  • x50-100 boost to the decentralized blockchain network;
  • The Shelley will maintain roughly 1,000 pools;
  • The update will give a great chance to pocket extra profit;
  • More new participants are expected to join the network.

Overall, owing to the new updates, the whole community will grow richer using Cardano staking!

Best motivational workout songs

Like going in for sports? So do I. If your workout becomes monotonous and routine, there is a great way out. Your fitness regime and attitude to sport can be quickly changed if you your workout songs playlist will be updated with diverse workout songs. And I will gladly help you with it.

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Many recent studies have already proven that corresponding music is able to both increase your heart rate and improve your mood and training performance while exercising. Now you need no energy drinks. All you need is to record my list of the best gym workout songs on your player. Thus, let us start training!  

“Make Me like You”

  • Singer: Gwen Stefani
  • Album title: This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Gwen Stefani recorded this track for her third LP “Make Me like You.” The song also features Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Robin Frediksson, and Mattias Larsson. This disco and pop song disco song integrates various influences of light rock into its sound, which consists of digital harps and chiming guitars together with a beach-like tune. Thus, such a thing will undoubtedly make your training more vivid and energetic.


  • Singer: Demi Lovato
  • Album title: Confident

Another super motivational workout song in our list is called “Confident”. It is actually included into fifth LP by amazing Dallas musician Demi Lovato. The track has become extremely popular in many gyms in various countries including the United States, Canada, Belgium, Scotland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and many others.

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If you like to feel extremely good during your exercising, then Demi Lovato`s music will surely make you feel good. Sportsmen like “Confident” so much, that it was even used as a soundtrack for one of the matches of the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 32.

“I’m From Long Beach”

  • Author: Calvin Broadus
  • Singer: Snoop Dogg

Almost no other song can motivate you to start trainings as “I’m from Long Beach” by one of the best US West Coast singers Snoop Dogg. After the release, the song immediately became the #1 hit amongst many professional and amateur sportsmen. This swift track helps to both get ripped and start dreaming of amazing summer once again.

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

  • Singer: Adele
  • Album title: 25

Adele has made all gym goers happy releasing her “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”. It is an amazing and highly motivating hip hop song with extremely up-tempo and rhythmic sound. Though this single depicts the singers quarrel with her boyfriend, it really rejoices while doing physical exercises.

“Something about You”

  • Band: Majid Jordan
  • Album title: Majid Jordan

“Something about you” is one of the most popular motivational workout songs. As a producer, Drake made his best to make this track really encouraging and amazing. In this song the members of the band easily make catchy jams. This duo’s latest track will make your hair whipping back and forth during extensive workout.


  • Singer: Beyonce
  • Album title: Platinum Edition and More Only

Beyonce`s song has many hip hop elements which will surely help to add excitement to all your physical training. Though the song itself has got not the best critics reviews, it still has been considering being one of the best workout songs. 2016 NBA World Champion LeBron James has recently admitted that when the prominent rapper Jay Z recommended him star training with this Beyonce`s song, he immediately agreed. The best basketball player in the world still uses “7/11” to support his daily exercises.


  • Singer: Ariana Grande
  • Album title: Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande`s song was planned to be the lead single from her third LP. However, this song became the album`s lead track. “Focus” peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Grande’s 6th top-ten single. The song for daily workouts has also become a winner of the Best Song to Dance.

Friends, hope you will have amazing and comfortable workout!

Myths and facts about Led Zeppelin

Today I have made up my mind to remember one of my favorite bands – Led Zeppelin. I wish you would enjoy the post. I wrote this text a couple of weeks ago but decided to post it just now.

Trendy British rock band Led Zeppelin was formed in London in 1968. This is one of the most innovative, successful and influential bands in the history of modern music. Having created its own sounding, Led Zeppelin becomes one of the foremost hard rock groups.

The band has played a fundamental role in heavy metal development. According to “Allmusic”, it was Led Zeppelin who first refused releasing singles, laying the foundation to such musical concepts as “album rock”. Led Zeppelin still remains one of the most successful bands in rock music history. Over 360 million albums have already been sold worldwide. 114 million have been purchased in the United States. Led Zeppelin`s seven albums topped the Billboard 200.

It seems that none music group was sprouted with so many myths and fictions, like Led Zeppelin. So, let us switch to myths and facts about Led Zeppelin.

Band members of Led Zeppelin:

  • Jimmy Page, guitar (1968-80, 1985, 1988, 1995, 2007);
  • Robert Plant, vocals (1968-80, 1985, 1988, 1995, 2007);
  • John Paul Jones, bass guitar (1968-80, 1985, 1988, 1995, and 2007);
  • John Bonham was the best led zeppelin drummer ever (1968–80).

Concert musicians:

  • 1985 drummers: Phil Collins, Tony Thompson, Paul Martinez;
  • 1988, 2007 drummer – Jason Bonham;
  • 1995 drummers: Jason Bonham, Michael Lee.

Lead Zeppelin

The band’s name came from the phrase of one of the musicians of “The Who” band. Different sources stipulate that this was either drummer Keith Moon or bassist John Entwistle. Once Jimmy Page worked together with Nicky Hopkins and Jeff Beck on one of their songs. Jimmy Page jokingly suggested making a super group of those musicians presented in the studio at the moment. His colleagues liked the idea, but someone joked that at the very first concert the group would collapse like a lead zeppelin. Page remembered this strange image. In time, when his “Yardbirds” band was forced to change its name, he suggested that very phrase. The band’s manager Peter Grant proposed to remove one letter from the band`s name. Therefore, “Led Zeppelin” name was fixed.

Physical Graffiti

The longest Led Zeppelin`s song is called “In My Time of Dying”. Its duration is 11:04. The shortest track is “Bron-Yr-Aur”. Its time is 2:06. Both songs enter “Physical Graffiti” studio album.

Jimmy Page and microphones

While working on the first album under the name “Led Zeppelin”, Jimmy Page revealed the science of microphone placement. According to the generally accepted norms of that time, microphones were placed in front of the musical group, and sound engineer just pressed “Start” button. Page decided to hang microphones not only in front of the group, but also behind it to catch the echo. Therefore, he hung them in a few feet above the drum kit. That allowed sound to “breathe”.

Dirty hooligans

After the second American tour in 1969, Led Zeppelin`s name was constantly associated with the most hooligan rock band in the world. The musicians trashed hotel rooms, filled them with water, broke the furniture and threw it out of the windows. However, “Los-Angeles Times” wrote an article citing one anonymous hotel manager. The journalists claimed that the band’s manager Peter Grant paid all probable damage which musicians could cause in advance. Moreover, by prior arrangement, musicians were settled in the rooms, where repair works were planned to start soon.

Stairway to Heaven

“Stairway to Heaven” is one of the most legendary rock songs of all times. The song has never been represented in charts, because it was never released as a single. Only radio stations received single-recording of this song. Those copies quickly became collectors` rarity. Led Zeppelin took this step deliberately. All members of the band realized that “Stairway to Heaven” was a milestone in their work. That is why they just did not want it to become excessively worn out. The song sounds 8 minutes and 3 seconds. Please note that Page prohibits sing this song to anyone except Plant.

Scandal with Eva von Zeppelin

In English “zeppelin” means “airship”. This word comes from the name of the inventor of this type of airships – Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Although the word “zeppelin” became a household name long ago, it brought some problems to the group when they arrived to concerts in Denmark in 1970. A relative of the inventor, Eva von Zeppelin, elderly representative of one of the most influential families in Europe, raised the scandal, trying to forbid the group to give concerts in Denmark. She explained this by saying that the group members were merely the bunch of screaming monkeys that stole Zeppelin`s name and played hideous music. Jimmy Page invited Eva to meet with the group to resolve the conflict. The heiress accepted the invitation. The manager persuaded the musicians to behave as correctly as possible. The meeting itself was friendly, although Led Zeppelin`s members did not succeed in anything to convince the old woman, who just wanted to defend the honor of her family.

Led Zeppelin filmography

  • 1976: “The Song Remains The Same”. This is a video from the concert in Madison Square Garden.
  • 2003: “Led Zeppelin”. This is a collection of previously unreleased concert videos.
  • 2012: “Celebration Day”. This is a video recording from the concert at O2 Arena in 2007.

John Bonham death

On September 24, 1980 Rex King took John Bonham to “Bray Studios” to prepare for the upcoming US tour. Along the way, the drummer drank 750 ml of vodka. Then members of the group continued to drink in the studio. In the evening they all went to drink up to Page’s Old Mill House. After midnight, Bonham had lost consciousness and was carried to bed. In the morning, Page, Plant and Jones gathered for breakfast. However their beloved drummer did not come down. Soon they found John Bonham dead, since he drank over two liters of vodka the previous day.

Led Zeppelin Breakup

On October 7, 1980 the investigation issued a decision that Jon Henry Bonham death was the result of an accident. The funeral took place on October 10, 1980 in the parish church. The bass drum from Bonham`s favorite drum set was installed at the headstone. Jeff Lynne and Paul McCartney were also present at the farewell ceremony. Two days after it, all Led Zeppelin band members gathered on Jersey Island, from which they flew to London hotel “Savoy” to Peter Grant. Their decision to breakup was unanimous. “Having lost a mutual friend, we, being in complete agreement and understanding, have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to exist as a group any longer,” as an official statement stated.

After Led Zeppelin Breakup, all members started solo performances. John Paul Jones returned to the producers’ activities. His solo album under the name “Zooma” was released in 1999. Jimmy Page recorded a soundtrack for “Death Wish II” movie. Later, he gathered a collection of previously rejected studio tracks. In 1982, he released them all under the name “Coda.”

Led Zeppelin discography:

  • Led Zeppelin, 1969;
  • Led Zeppelin II, 1969;
  • Led Zeppelin III, 1970;
  • Led Zeppelin IV, 1971;
  • Houses of the Holy, 1973;
  • Physical Graffiti, 1975;
  • Presence, 1976;
  • In Through the Out Door, 1979;
  • Coda, 1989.

Led Zeppelin` top-10 best songs:

  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Moby Dick
  • Heartbreaker
  • When the Levee Breaks
  • Kashmir
  • Bring It on Home
  • Thank you
  • Rock And Roll
  • Whole lotta love
  • Immigrant Song

Friends, I hope you`ve enjoy the reading! Have a great day and stay tuned!