BTCNEXT exchange for inexperienced traders

Since 2016, cryptocurrency trading has turned into one of the most popular types of online profits. The number of active crypto traders has been growing gradually daily. That is why plenty of inexperienced gambling people start selecting other valuable options for earning extra profit. And here rather than elsewhere BTCNEXT`s developers think out of the box.

BTCNEXT exchange is a great option for new and beginner traders who are just starting to make first steps in digital trading. QDAO Platinum Engineering has developed this popular cryptocurrency exchange initially for Japanese and Korean customers. Later on, it spread globally. One of the primary goals of BTCNEXT is to offer inexperienced cryptocurrency traders a good way to pocket big money easily and safely.

BTCNEXT proposes a range of tokens counting stablecoins, ERC20 tokens, etc. The main principle is to make your cryptocurrency trading experience as easy and as comfortable as possible. That is why novice traders choose BTCNEXT to start cryptocurrency trading with. The key advantages of this cryptocurrency exchange platform for beginners are as follows:

  • Created for beginners and developed by experts;
  • Quick and easy way to start cryptocurrency trading;
  • 24/7/365 professional customer support via several means;
  • Margin trading;
  • Uppermost security using more than 300 security methods;
  • Fixed trading fees;
  • Plenty of BTCNEXT academy blockchain courses for free;
  • Ability to trade all popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, etc.
  • 1000 BTCNEXT bonus weekly;
  • Ability to hit the pot in the most money-making lotteries.

To sum up

Now you know why the BTCNEXT exchange is a great choice for inexpert traders. Newcomers never want to lose money while starting a new business. That is why they prefer choosing BTCNEXT exchange to start their advantageous travelling in the cryptocurrency trading market. So, change your life to better by exchanging cryptocurrency with BTCNEXT.



Over-the-counter or OTC is a trade type in which the trader and the purchaser settle the business directly with each other. In this case, they do not need to engage the services of a broker`s board. Since 2017, OTC trading has become popular in cryptocurrency trading.


A stable coin is a type of cryptocurrency which is developed to reduce the volatility of the price of the stable coin. It can be attached to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, or various exchange-traded commodities (industrial metals, gold, etc.).


Scalping is one of the most popular and widely used terms for cryptocurrency trading strategies. Such traders just scalp trades. They do not need to get as much profit as possible. Scalpers try to pocket small profits all the time. Recently, scalping has become one of the popular cryptocurrency trends. 


Angular is a popular framework for creating web apps. You can use HTML language as a template. Thus, you can use HTML’s syntax to express your app’s components plainly and briefly. Overall, Angular allows building a simple app for digital currencies.

Dedicated team

A dedicated team is an attractive approach to cryptocurrency trading. The bigger your team of loyal like-minded people, the more profit your company receives. Your dedicated team may be located both in a local office or it may be a remote team. The process looks like the following. For example, your company hires a team of experts who must cope with specific work easily. Then need not to be trained. They are already professionals. As a rule, one dedicated team works on a single project of a given client. Overall, a dedicated team model is a perfect tool for the progress of blockchain and products.


QDAO DeFi platform offers one of the largest crypto deposit rates in the industry. Being a popular cryptocurrency network, Cardano`s key goal is to run a public blockchain platform for smart contracts.

QDAO DeFi has already turned into an enormous ecosystem. As we have recently started to look for the latest ways to earn much profit, we are happy to announce the result. We were lucky to find finally the newest method to pocket good cash. It is Cardano staking.

Which updates can you enjoy now?

Cardano is launching the ultimate update titled the Shelley transition. It will entirely transform the Cardano network instantly. In particular, the Shelley will bring:

  • Complete decentralization by means of a new Ouroboros algorithm;
  • x50-100 boost to the decentralized blockchain network;
  • The Shelley will maintain roughly 1,000 pools;
  • The update will give a great chance to pocket extra profit;
  • More new participants are expected to join the network.

Overall, owing to the new updates, the whole community will grow richer using Cardano staking!


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