Top-20 most erotic music videos of all times

The most prominent singers have always made us hot under the collar with erotic lyrics. There are many amazing music videos about everything from night clubs` performances to hot and sticky beach love affairs. Singers take such a passion on-screen with their risqué music video clips.

All musicians and clip directors know what both the media and fans desire to see. Therefore, they push the envelope, making sexier and more erotic clip debuts.

From Madonna to Britney Spears these singers never afraid to be sexual. While they have become somewhat of a marketing tool for selling music, it doesn’t mean these scandalous videos are not admirable. After all, let us be honest – everyone likes stripping naked a bit. That is the reason why we have chosen the top 20 most erotic music videos of all time. The only thing you should do now is getting relaxed and enjoy the videos.

“Justify My Love”

  • Band: Madonna
  • Album: The Girlie Show — Live Down Under
  • Year: 1993

Madonna`s teamwork with Lenny Kravitz and another author produced the sexually charged song, “Justify My Love”. Despite being so admired, the music video was excessively hot to handle. MTV immediately banned it with Canada’s Much Music following suit. Due to this fact this single at once became a bestselling VHS video single.


  • Band: Lit
  • Album: A Place in the Sun
  • Year: 1999

In 2000, this erotic music video was one of the most watched of the year. It has lyrics beside a memorable alternative beat. In this video by “Lit” a bikini-clad Pam Anderson starred. And this fact made “Miserable” one of the most erotic video clips of all times. 

“Sad Eyes”

  • Singer: Enrique Iglesias
  • Album: Enrique
  • Year: 2000

It seems that Enrique Iglesias desired to keep this erotic music video for his eyes merely. The great ballad, which is a perfect cover of Bruce Springsteen, was accompanied by a sexy video. David LaChapelle directed the clip. “Sad Eyes”shows Enrique when the singer is fantasying about a woman he saw in adult chat-line TV ads When he realizes that she is cleanly unachievable, Iglesias orders an escort instead.


  • Band: N*E*R*D featuring Vita
  • Album: In Search Of…
  • Year: 2001

In “Lapdance” the camera incessantly pans to the right while a focus gives you a peep into the sexual energy of the dancing party. Hot girls grind and dance in the background wearing just minis, shorts, tube tops and heels. And to understand more it is just the censored story. This erotic music video shows many topless girls who are suggestively kissing and touching each other.

“I’ma Slave 4 U”

  • Singer: Britney Spears
  • Album: Britney
  • Year: 2001

In 2001, still a virgin at times, Britney made public her most shocking video to date. This video featured Spears and her dancers gyrating and grinding to sexy dance moves in a scorching residence.


  • Band: Christina Aguilera featuring Redman
  • Album: Stripped
  • Year: 2002

Since her musical career started, amazing Christina Aguilera was eager to discard her “bubblegum” look. Christina invented to refashion herself as Xtina, playing up a bad girl copy. “Dirrty” erotic music video was immediately nominated for a Grammy. It highlighted Aguilera`s faultless vocals, but received unsympathetic criticism.

“Hot in Herre”

  • Singer: Nelly
  • Album: Nellyville
  • Year: 2002

In 2002, “Hot in Herre” was just an incredible mega-hit. Nelly took home his Grammy for this song. The music video is still steamier than the single. The rapper’s pretty smoking him in this video as he is grinding with his love interest.

“All the Things she said”

  • Band: t.A.T.u
  • Album: 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane
  • Year: 2002

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina stirred up audiences with their unlawful school girl love story in their erotic music video “All the Things She Said”. Drenched by the rain, the girls are standing in their wet uniforms behind a fence while critical adults watch the girls’ battle with their prohibited feelings. 

“Hips Don’t Lie”

  • Singers: Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
  • Album: Oral Fixation, Vol. 2
  • Year: 2006

Swinging hips of Shakira really hypnotized all fans in this hot Latin video. The most eye-catching look was almost certainly her bare back sheltered in just gold sequins worn along with a plain gold skirt, which decorated Shakira`s body while she was belly dancing. Her sexy moves were desirable to say the least – people wanted to copy her and hook up with her. We will not blame them for it.

“Trading Places”

  • Singer: Usher
  • Album: Here I Stand
  • Year: 2008

Usher is always ready to enjoy the ride. Therefore, “Trading Places” erotic music video was his muscular way to give confidence to female sexual supremacy. The music video shows this in details. From the couch to the bed to the stairs, the singer’s clip lover is revealing her internal vixen.


  • Singer: Bruno Mars
  • Album: Unorthodox Jukebox
  • Year: 2012

Bruno Mars belts out in “shameless” music video about doing it like gorillas. His lover at the same time is stripping for money. It seems that Mars’ woman has all the right moves when she starts stripping and pole dancing. The whole erotic video is unbelievably steamy!

“Blurred Lines”

  • Singers: Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell Williams
  • Album: Blurred Lines
  • Year: 2013

Over 460 million views! That is how many people watched “Blurred Lines” erotic video on Vevo. And while Thicke is pretty hot himself, as he self-describes himself in the video), we feel pretty sure that viewers may be tuned in for somewhat else in this video.  

“Drunk in Love”

  • Singer: Beyonce
  • Album: Beyonce
  • Year: 2013

“Drunk in Love” is Beyonce`s primary erotic video clip from her shock new self-titled album. Beyonce shows her amazing body that looks much better than it did previous to giving birth to daughter in 2012, while wearing little more than a bikini. In the clip the singer is moving like the waves. Her body is rolling in a way that’s sure to mesmerize everyone.

“Can’t Remember to Forget You”

  • Singers: Shakira featuring Rihanna
  • Album: Shakira
  • Year: 2014

The hottest singers from Barbados and Colombia united forces for this burning duet. Shakira joined with Rihanna for their saucy music video depicting addictive love affair. Shakira’s hips never lie. From the cigars they smoke to their slight touches to their “naked embrace”, this erotic music video is filled with sexual insinuations. Thus, just let your head run wild!

Enjoy your listening))