Korsar Show – the unique YouTube channel on Ukrainian cuisine, rafting, and nature

Hi, friends) I am glad to invite you to Korsar Show. It is a great and a young YouTube channel about traditional and exclusive Ukrainian, European, and Russian cuisine, rafting, and nature. The channel started to work on June 11, 2020. It was created by two friends – Oleg Moroz and Denis Domotskiy.

Korsar Show has already shared plenty of interesting and delicious recipes from traditional Ukrainian, Russian, and European cuisine. Moreover, Oleg Moroz, the channel`s cook, offers plenty of his exclusive recipes. Oleg can also teach you how to brew exclusive liquor at home. Like in this video, for example Tom Yam Pepper-brandy – Korsar Show # 36.   

And we welcome you to cook a meal using one of the provided recipes.  

TOP-5 Korsar Show videos on the most exclusive Ukrainian cuisine recipes

And now I recommend that you should watch top-5 my favorite videos on Korsar Show:

Korsar Show # 28 – Baked chicken – New Year’s Eve Recipe

Korsar Show # 28 – Cooking shark outside with friends

Korsar Show # 29 – Herring in mustard sauce – The most delicious New Year’s Eve Recipe

Korsar Show # 30 – Kharcho soup (Beef soup) – Traditional Georgian cuisine

Korsar Show # 1 – Italian soup – Cooking traditional Italian peasant soup on the Corsair TAXI raft

So, friends, I kindly invite you to subscribe to Korsar Show, and enjoy amazing, humorous, and very useful videos on Ukrainian cuisine.

If you have any questions concerning traditional Ukrainian cuisine, please, feel free to contact Korsar Show creators:


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