If you know what a floppy disk is, than what?

This is a great way to segment your audience in advertising! Love it! BTW. Does anyone born in or after 2000 know what a floppy disk is?- )

Let me share a point of view of Jackson Teller, a student from the USA:

“I’m currently a teen in high school who knows other teens. Yes. I was born in 2000, and I know what a floppy disk is. I’ve even seen quite a few. I also know of The Beatles, The Vietnam War, fax machines, and the telegraph, just to name a few. Just because you’re born in a certain time period doesn’t mean you can’t know anything about the generations before you. Besides, floppy disks still exist, they just aren’t used commonly because we have developed much more efficient ways of carrying data”.

And another point of view by Elizabeth Keen:

It looks like the Save button, right? Jokes aside, it was something that people used to save documents before we got so technologically advanced. But it did look like the Save button”.


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