The Last Dance to become the best sports documentary ever


The Last Dance is undoubtedly the best sports documentary of the year. First, Netflix conquered me with the TV series on Formula 1: Drive to Survive. And now — this masterpiece. Everything is amazing in The Last Dance. The path of Chicago to the championships, the formation of Michael Jordan as a player, the history of all the stars of the legendary team, the will to win and team play. All sports lovers and professionals should watch The Last dance!


Watch the trailer:

The Last Dance is a 2020 American sports documentary miniseries co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix. The series revolves around the career of Michael Jordan, with particular focus on his last season with the Chicago Bulls. The series features exclusive footage from a film crew that had an all-access pass to the Bulls, as well as interviews of many NBA personalities including Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson.

The Last Dance gives a definitive account of Michael Jordan’s career and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, packed with unaired footage from the 1997-98 seasons.

Michael Jordan’s kids react to epic finale of ‘The Last Dance:

The series aired on ESPN from April 19 to May 17, 2020 in the USA. It received critical acclaim, with praise for its directing and editing.

1998 NBA Finals — Chicago vs Utah — Game 6 Best Plays:

Look how Utah Jazz fans are disappointed. They have finally understood that Chicago is the best team ever. They are real World Champions!

Disapointed Utah`s fans

Almost the final score of the 6th game:


Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan after they have won the 6th NBA Championship:

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson

Why Phil Jackson needs The Last Dance? Marc Stein (The New York Times) explained how Jackson’s legacy as a winning coach was tarnished — and how Michael Jordan’s new documentary can help.

Last dance victory Pippen

While the series drew optimistic reactions from many current NBA players, several players were critical of how they were shown. Scottie Pippen was reportedly «wounded and disappointed» by his characterization, though he did not make any public remarks during the documentary’s airing. In particular, Scottie Pippen is livid about how Jordan portrayed him in ‘The Last Dance’.

And Dennis Rodman defends Scottie Pippen from ‘Last Dance’ criticism. Scottie Pippen is Not Happy About Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’:

Horace Grant expressed a belief that the documentary was edited to favor Jordan, remarking that the series was «entertaining, but we know that about 90% of it BS in terms of the realness of it».

First Take discusses Horace Grant ripping Michael Jordan following ‘The Last Dance’:

Moreover, the player denied Jordan’s accusation that Grant was the starting place for The Jordan Rules and agreed that Pippen was portrayed unjustly.

LeBron James reacts to ‘The Last Dance,’ reveals the first time he met Michael Jordan:

No more words, friends! Just enjoy The Last Dance on Netflix!

Charles Leclerc vs. Carlos Sainz: facts and figures

Yesterday Carlos Sainz became Leclerc`s teammate and joined the Scuderia Ferrari family. But he is not going to be the driver number 2. Sainz is very talented and ambitious, and it will be incredibly hard for Leclerc to stay the number 1 at Ferrari.
Are you looking forward to seeing these amazing drivers race together? Then find the statistics above.

More info on Carlos Sainz statistics:

Carlos Sainz statistics

Carlos Sainz boigraphy features can be found here.

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This is a brilliant driver line up, either way, you look at it for Ferrari. Either Sainz comes in or Leclerc push each other and Ferrari forward or if Leclerc is clear number one then in Sainz they have a quick driver to regularly score podiums to back Leclerc up.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Barretto, Formula 1 senior writer, analyzes what Sainz and Ricciardo moves mean for Vettel and the rest of the driver market. I recommend this interesting investigation.

Personally, I think Sainz will do brilliant there and is one of the most underrated drivers on the grid. I’m a Hamilton fan but watch out Mercedes coz this will take Ferrari up a level. Sainz seems very balanced and mature for his age. I think he will handle the new gig well.

Sainz to join Ferrari instead of Vettel

Ferrari has established Carlos Sainz to join the team for the 2021 season to replace Sebastian Vettel. And it is not a surprise because Ferrari wants someone fast and consistent, so they can bring the constructors’ championship back to Maranello for the first time in over a decade.

The Spaniard is contracted to McLaren until the end of the 2020 Formula 1 campaign, but has now signed a two-year contract to compete a youthful driver pairing at Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc. Team Principal Mattia Binotto described having Sainz and Leclerc as their 2021 driver pairing as «the best possible combination».

If you are deeply interested in why Ferrari chose Sainz, all details are here.

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It marks the major move of Sainz’s career to date, with the 25-year-old following in the footsteps of his idol Fernando Alonso in joining Ferrari. And after 13 points-finishes in 2019 — including a first podium in Brazil — few would argue that he isn’t ready for the drive. Sainz started his F1 career at Toro Rosso, making his debut at the Australian Grand Prix in 2015.

However, he decided to cut ties with the Red Bull driver program following Max Verstappen‘s rise to prominence and headed to Renault two years later, before signing with McLaren for 2019 campaign.

Today Carlos Sainz has also thanked McLaren and his fans:

The statement comes just days after Vettel and Ferrari revealed the German would not be renewing his deal following the team’s failure to win a title during his five-year stint at Maranello. Vettel, a four-time world champion after dominating the sport with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013, has been tipped by some to join Lewis Hamilton in an all-star line-up at Mercedes.

Carlos Sainz-replaces-Vettel-at-Ferrari

Are you interested in how I visited Formula 1 in Hungary in 2018?

Sainz’s move has produced a ripple effect for the F1 driver market, with Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo taking his seat at McLaren. He was also mentioned as a probable candidate to take the vacant seat at Ferrari. Now Ricciardo will head to his third team in three years in F1 by joining the British team.

P. S. This is a great move from Ferrari. He is a very fast driver with great speed and he will push Leclerc very hard. Everyone already calling Sainz a #2 driver remembers that’s what we were calling Leclerc and he showed us he could easily be the Number 1 driver. I think it’s a breath of fresh air at Ferrari with these two drivers. Let’s hope the team can work on the best possible car to help these great drivers get the results they want too!

Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari in 2020


Sebastian Vettel is leaving Ferrari at the end of 2020. Now officially.

Sebastian Vettel-leaves-Ferrari-forever

Vettel and Ferrari have been in talks for several months about an extension, with Team Principal Mattia Binotto saying the four-time world champion was his number one choice to race alongside Charles Leclerc next year.

The whole relationships of Vettel and Ferrari briefly:

However, they have been unable to agree terms on a new deal, leading to today’s announcement. «My relationship with Scuderia Ferrari will finish at the end of 2020,” said Vettel. “To get the best possible results in this sport, it’s vital for all parties to work in perfect harmony.

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“The team and I have realized that there is no longer a common desire to stay together beyond the end of this season. Financial matters have played no part in this joint decision. That’s not the way I think when it comes to making certain choices and it never will be.

Are you interested in how I visited Formula 1 in Hungary in 2018?

Now everyone is guessing the driver to replace Vettel in Ferrari?

Now Lewis Hamilton, a six-time Formula One World Champion,has all chances to win another his 8th title and catch up Michael Schumacher — the most successful driver in the history of the sport. He holds the records for the most World Championship titles (7), the most Grand Prix wins (91), the most fastest laps (77), and the most races won in a single season (13).

Wish all the best to Sebastian Vettel! You are the great driver and the Man!

Sebastian Pytka Reveals Astonishing Smart Art


Photo: Sebastian Pytka`s Facebook.

I have recently come across a picture titled “Divorce” by Sebastian Pytka. It impressed me greatly and I was shocked. He is a very talented Polish graphic designer and artist. Sebastian depicts vital issues of everyday reality that affects each of us but is often portrayed by difficult wordplay and metaphors.

Sebastian Pytka basically draws attention to the significant problems of contemporary society. The author reveals observers their ways of thinking. Pytka attempts to bring out to viewers the next unseen sense and each detail of his paintings carries deep symbolism.

Sebastian Pytka`s portfolio and contact details you can find here.

Below you will find my favorite pictures by Sebastian Pytka. Please, enjoy it!

Divorce is my favorite picture by this great artist. Children often blame themselves when their parents have divorced. That is why they must feel safe and comfortable with each parent. By the way, have you read my post? How to love and patronize children in the best way: best advice. You are kindly welcomed to read and give your opinion.


Sebastian Pytka, Beater


Sebastian Pytka, Break Glass


Sebastian Pytka, Facebook


Sebastian Pytka, Feed


Sebastian Pytka, Gender


Sebastian Pytka, In a RelationshipSebastian Pytka In A Relationship

Sebastian Pytka, Last Move


Sebastian Pytka, Matches


Sebastian Pytka, Price Tag


Sebastian Pytka, Sign


Sebastian Pytka, Talent


Yury Dud`s film about Silicon Valley to impress millions of thoughtful people 


Photo: Andrey Doronichev (Google — youtube) and yury dud (vDud — youtube)

Yury Dud’s new film about the Silicon Valley has already been watched over six million times. I think many of you also watched it. Do you know what the most popular comment for this video is?

“For an hour and a half, I have been feeling like shit.”

Yes, this is the quintessence of this video. To motivate and to show the path and the goal. The goal is not to stop, not to calm down, but to learn and make it clear that success is not about the ability to adapt, and it is not about the ability to survive in the competition.

Andrey Doronichev, Director for Project Management at Google accepts the award for VR Experience of the Year:


It is about the ability to change the world and to mark a place for oneself in the history books.

It is not an advertisement for Silicon Valley; it is an ode to Entrepreneurship and the Right Priorities.

So, watch the film by yourself and show it to high school students.


P. S. Yury Dud`s film about Silicon Valley is top-end, informative, and motivational. I am knocked speechless! Eye-popping! So much constructive info in a single video, which makes you think hard about your life. I especially liked the speech at the end. Cool content. I think that it will be correct to write any comment for this video to promote it to the top and so that more people watch and get more insights. Thank the vDud team and all the participants in the video who shared their gigantic and useful experience!

Meet Justin — native English speaker on YouTube

Friends, meet Justin. Perhaps you have already subscribed to his YouTube. Justin is a native English speaker from North America. Now he lives and teaches English in St. Petersburg, Russia.

There are a lot of interesting videos on English on Justin’s channel from the point of view of a native speaker.

Justin explains the main mistakes in learning English and how to avoid them. You will also find a lot of interesting info about North American slang, idioms, synonyms, customs, and much other useful info.

Here are some interesting videos:

P. S. This post is not corrupted))

Oskar Hartmann`s Lets Ideas Videos: top business concepts


Oskar Hartmann, the founder and the CEO of KupiVIP, Fast Lane Ventures, and has significantly helped me with his YouTube channel in general. My overall attitude to 90% of things in my everyday life and work has already changed to the better.

You can find plenty of useful info on Oscar Hartmann`s YouTube. However, one particular direction of his video blog activity has driven my attention recently. It is called “Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas” (in Russian: “Кто сделает этот первым? Идеи для бизнеса 2018. Летс Идей”).

In this set of videos, Oscar shares his professional opinion on how to find working ideas for doing business. He answers questions on how to find a start-up idea, where and how to find a successful business idea, etc. The videos can help you more clearly understand how Oscar Hartmann`s brain works on making effective business decisions.

Oscar has already released five videos. I recommend that you should thoughtfully watch them and make notes. Writing down yours and others thoughts is a beneficial instrument of improving your mental skills. Moreover, such a habit will help you remember all the vital info in the best way.

I will leave these videos for you and me below. Enjoy your fruitful watching!

How to find a business idea? Lets Ideas 1:

How to do a business without start-up capital? Lets Ideas 2:

Where to find ideas for a successfull startup? Lets Ideas 3:

Who will do this business first? Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas 4:

Where and how to find business ideas? Lets Ideas 5:

Relevance, Resources, and Risks! Lets Ideas 6:

Unicorn companies which nobody heard of a day ago! Lets Ideas 7:

Unobvious ideas that have grown into big businesses! Lets Ideas 8:

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Boss Women: Kira Rudik – Ring Ukraine COO

Артемий Лебедев: подбор сотрудников

Андрей Буренок: «Бери и делай»

Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

Boss Women: Kira Rudik – Ring Ukraine COO


Photo from Kira Rudik`s Facebook.

Kira Rudik is a mega-talented COO and a great woman. We studied together at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy but did not know each other at that time.

In 2016, Ring’s Research and Development Center opened in Ukraine. Kira Rudik was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. Now she describes it as the most exciting experience of her life.

Since that time, Ring Ukraine, which creates high-tech smart home security systems, has hired over 700 professionals in Ukraine. The company has flourished significantly, and Kira Rudik was the person who managed to persuade Ring that it must have its research branch in Ukraine.

All present companys success is connected with Rudiks activity and her lifestyle. Speed, hardworking, and the complete lack of self-pity are things which guide Rudik as a manager and entrepreneur.

“The central principle of the best manager is the absence of self-pity. You will never lead people behind you without self-sacrifice. You have to be the first to come to work and the last to leave. The leader must take a punch and keep it. It is unpleasant to accept, but that is the truth” (Kira Rudik).

Below you will find a fascinating and challenging interview with Kira Rudik. Please note that the interview is in Russian. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanx VP Team and Vika Pridatko for the video.

Мужская кухня от Ильи Лазерсона. Лазанья


На Новый Год приготовлю очередное прекрасное блюдо по рецепту лучшего, без сомнения, шеф-повара Ильи Лазерсона. Это «Лазанья». Очень рекомендую попробовать данный рецепт всем почитателям традиционных блюд итальянской кухни. Искренне надеюсь, что у меня получится приготовить соус болоньезе. Приятного аппетита, друзья! Смотрите и готовьте с удовольствием)

Также рекомендую, на первый взгляд, простое блюдо — Жареная картошка с шампиньонами. Но это только на первый взгляд.

Никогда бы не подумал, что это так просто. Прекрасная программа о том, как приготовить минутный стейк

Знаете ли вы все секреты настоящего новогоднего оливье от Ильи Лазерсона?

Друзья, вам нравится готовить или только хотите начать? Тогда вам сюда. Очень рекомендую сделать это с помощью Ильи Лазерсона!