Agricultural and Farming translation


Today I have finished the translation of five articles on agriculture and farming from Russian into English.

Key issues:

  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Features of sowing wheat, radish and potatoes;
  • The main principles of field processing before planting crops;
  • Pest and rodent control, etc.

The total amount of translated characters: 65 thousand. Time spent: two days.

The example of translation can be provided upon request with the written permission of the client.

More translations:

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Перевод юридического договора купли-продажи на английский язык;

Перевод статей по химической промышленности;

Перевод медицинских текстов на английский язык.

You can contact me any time you need a translation from Russian into English and vice versa.

P. S. Screenshot is taken from video Modern Technology Agriculture Huge Machines.