Oskar Hartmann`s Lets Ideas Videos: top business concepts


Oskar Hartmann, the founder and the CEO of KupiVIP, Fast Lane Ventures, and CarPrice.ru has significantly helped me with his YouTube channel in general. My overall attitude to 90% of things in my everyday life and work has already changed to the better.

You can find plenty of useful info on Oscar Hartmann`s YouTube. However, one particular direction of his video blog activity has driven my attention recently. It is called “Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas” (in Russian: “Кто сделает этот первым? Идеи для бизнеса 2018. Летс Идей”).

In this set of videos, Oscar shares his professional opinion on how to find working ideas for doing business. He answers questions on how to find a start-up idea, where and how to find a successful business idea, etc. The videos can help you more clearly understand how Oscar Hartmann`s brain works on making effective business decisions.

Oscar has already released five videos. I recommend that you should thoughtfully watch them and make notes. Writing down yours and others thoughts is a beneficial instrument of improving your mental skills. Moreover, such a habit will help you remember all the vital info in the best way.

I will leave these videos for you and me below. Enjoy your fruitful watching!

How to find a business idea? Lets Ideas 1:

How to do a business without start-up capital? Lets Ideas 2:

Where to find ideas for a successfull startup? Lets Ideas 3:

Who will do this business first? Ideas for business 2018. Lets Ideas 4:

Where and how to find business ideas? Lets Ideas 5:

Relevance, Resources, and Risks! Lets Ideas 6:

Unicorn companies which nobody heard of a day ago! Lets Ideas 7:

Unobvious ideas that have grown into big businesses! Lets Ideas 8:

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Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

Boss women: Anna Wintour`s most thrilling answers about everything

Oliinyk blog Anna Wintour

Today I have found another Anna Wintour`s amazing video. Cannot help sharing with you.

The outstanding Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour talks about why she always has on her favorite Chanel shades to her least beloved word in fashion.

Moreover, over 70 secret things make this great boss woman Anna Wintour. You will find plenty of new information about Anna Wintour in the video below.

Many thanks for the video to the official American Vogue YouTube Channel and its Editor.

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Boss Women: Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is a real legend to be proud of

Boss women: Anna Wintour`s amazing Q&A


Boss women: Anna Wintour`s amazing Q&A

Oliinyk-Anna Winour`s interview

Hi, friends! I have just found an amazing Anna Wintour`s interview at the Oxford Union in 2015.

She is really brilliant speaker, CEO, and editor-in-chief.

This Q&A session is really worth while watching.


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Anna Wintour: To be in Vogue has to mean something. I really love how she approaches work. I love her determination, and what she says about straight to the point decision making.

Anna Wintour is a real legend to be proud of

Anna Wintour

Обожаю Анну Винтур. Она — настоящий пример для подражания и восхищения. Эта Boss Woman смогла построить сногсшибательную карьеру в мире моды, став экспертом номером 1 в самой дорогой мировой индустрии красоты.

11 февраля 2016 года я сделал в своем блоге запись, посвященную главному редактору Vogue Анне Винтур. Она была опубликована под названием Boss Women: Anna Wintour на английском языке. Со временем, именно этот пост про Анну Винтур стал набирать все большее количество просмотров. Сегодня — пик популярности моей публикации!

Теперь я окончательно понял, на что вдохновила меня издательница лучшего таблоида в мире моды!

Спасибо Вам, Анна!

Boss Women: Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour: To be in Vogue has to mean something. I really love how she approaches work. I love her determination, and what she says about straight to the point decision making.

I have such mad respect for her no-nonsense work ethic and collectedness in the face of such tremendous chaos around her. She’s completely right about making decisions — and being ultimately responsible for every page in Vogue entails a hell of a lot of decisions that need to be made fast and well. I am in mad awe.

I also can not help but sharing one more video with Anna. Thus, please watch 73 Questions with Anna Wintour