The Last Dance to become the best sports documentary ever


The Last Dance is undoubtedly the best sports documentary of the year. First, Netflix conquered me with the TV series on Formula 1: Drive to Survive. And now — this masterpiece. Everything is amazing in The Last Dance. The path of Chicago to the championships, the formation of Michael Jordan as a player, the history of all the stars of the legendary team, the will to win and team play. All sports lovers and professionals should watch The Last dance!


Watch the trailer:

The Last Dance is a 2020 American sports documentary miniseries co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix. The series revolves around the career of Michael Jordan, with particular focus on his last season with the Chicago Bulls. The series features exclusive footage from a film crew that had an all-access pass to the Bulls, as well as interviews of many NBA personalities including Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson.

The Last Dance gives a definitive account of Michael Jordan’s career and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, packed with unaired footage from the 1997-98 seasons.

Michael Jordan’s kids react to epic finale of ‘The Last Dance:

The series aired on ESPN from April 19 to May 17, 2020 in the USA. It received critical acclaim, with praise for its directing and editing.

1998 NBA Finals — Chicago vs Utah — Game 6 Best Plays:

Look how Utah Jazz fans are disappointed. They have finally understood that Chicago is the best team ever. They are real World Champions!

Disapointed Utah`s fans

Almost the final score of the 6th game:


Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan after they have won the 6th NBA Championship:

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson

Why Phil Jackson needs The Last Dance? Marc Stein (The New York Times) explained how Jackson’s legacy as a winning coach was tarnished — and how Michael Jordan’s new documentary can help.

Last dance victory Pippen

While the series drew optimistic reactions from many current NBA players, several players were critical of how they were shown. Scottie Pippen was reportedly «wounded and disappointed» by his characterization, though he did not make any public remarks during the documentary’s airing. In particular, Scottie Pippen is livid about how Jordan portrayed him in ‘The Last Dance’.

And Dennis Rodman defends Scottie Pippen from ‘Last Dance’ criticism. Scottie Pippen is Not Happy About Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’:

Horace Grant expressed a belief that the documentary was edited to favor Jordan, remarking that the series was «entertaining, but we know that about 90% of it BS in terms of the realness of it».

First Take discusses Horace Grant ripping Michael Jordan following ‘The Last Dance’:

Moreover, the player denied Jordan’s accusation that Grant was the starting place for The Jordan Rules and agreed that Pippen was portrayed unjustly.

LeBron James reacts to ‘The Last Dance,’ reveals the first time he met Michael Jordan:

No more words, friends! Just enjoy The Last Dance on Netflix!

Victoria Borodina vs Yury Dud on his Silicon Valley film


Victoria Borodina

I have recently come across an exciting YouTube channel about Silicon Valley and how to move to work there. Thanx to Victoria Borodina and ProgBlog for their great job.

In particular, Yury Dud and all his vDud team gets a critical answer to his film about Silicon Valley from Victoria Borodina. After his film about Silicon Valley, Borodina noticed that many of the main and significant issues were not revealed in the film. Therefore, Victoria decided to shoot her video with answers to important questions about Silicon Valley.

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Victoria Borodina`s answer to Yury Dud:

Victoria Borodina`s Company, uDevs, helps all IT professionals who want to work in Silicon Valley and move there for employment in Google, Netflix, etc.

if you are interested in this issue, I strongly recommend Victoria`s YouTube channel.

Take care, folks!

How to succeed during coronavirus self-quarantine: Alexander Pushkin, Isaac Newton, and you

Now almost all countries of the world are in quarantine in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, do not lose heart. You must strictly adhere to the quarantine rules and finally do everything you planned to do before but never had time for.

The Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and the outstanding English physicist Isaac Newton were also forced to quarantine for some time. Look what came of it.

Alexander Pushkin, cholera and quarantine

In 1830, Alexander Pushkin, while preparing for the wedding, briefly stopped in financial matters at his family country seat Boldino. A sudden outbreak of cholera and quarantine locked the poet in the wilderness for over three months.

It became the most striking and fruitful period in Pushkin’s creative work. In unexpected quarantine seclusion, the poet felt an unprecedented surge of inspiration, mastered new genres and literary forms, and as a result wrote an incredible amount of his remarkable prose and poetry.

Isaac Newton, Plague, and Quarantine

In 1665, Isaac Newton was forced to leave Cambridge and returned home. The reason for this was the quarantine during the outbreak of the plague in England. Deprived of the opportunity to teach and communicate with colleagues while in isolation, Newton went much deeper into scientific research. It was then that he discovered the Law of universal gravitation and wrote many scientific papers, which have retained their relevance in our days.

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What to Watch, Read and Listen to During Your Coronavirus Self-Quarantine?

It is a bad time. Thousands of people across the world are sick with coronavirus. Those who aren’t are being encouraged to stay away from public spaces. Schools, museums, movie theaters, bars, restaurants – all closed. You’re home, and you need a distraction. Let me help you. In this article you will find some propositions for what to watch, what to listen to, what to cook, how to entertain your kids. Be safe.

It will also help you to cheer up:

To crown it all

Any crisis is not only difficulties and a huge inconvenience. It is an amazing period when windows of opportunities are actively opening. Strange as it may seem, it is the best time for new ideas and discoveries, creative breakthroughs and insights.

Right now, during quarantine, we can get all these “I`ll do it later” from the far shelves of the subconscious – I’ll write, read, finish, look, try, create … later.  You can waste this time in rubbish, panic, and depression. But you can direct your energy to the embodiment of what will become a new step in your life.

So, self-quarantine, self-educate, and do not panic! Everything will be great!  

How much money the largest companies in the world lost on Friday, March 13, 2020?

As the Dow Jones suffered its worst decline since 1987 and coronavirus fears caused markets to slide around the globe, the world’s twenty richest people lost just over $78 billion combined in a single day.

Huge panic in the largest world markets keeps on growing. Stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies are going down. I decided to count a few figures. See how asset values have changed over the past month:


Apple -25%;

Tesla -43%;

Facebook -34%;

Netflix -21%;

Alibaba -20%;

Uber -47%;

Twitter -35%;

Amazon -23%;

ZOOM +40%! (110% for 3 months, video conferencing service).

Cruise operators:

Royal Caribbean -77%;

Norwegian Cruise -79%;

Carnival -65%.


American Airlines -55%;

Delta Air Lines -45%;

United Airlines -58.


Exxon Mobil -42%;

Gazprom -32%;

Royal Dutch Shell -49%;

Chevron -30%.


S&P -30%;

Dow Jones -31%.


Bitcoin -52%;

Ethereum -57%.

How much the richest people in the world lost in dollars per day:

Jeff Bezos -8 billion, Amazon;

Bernard Arnault -$7,7 billion, Louis Vuitton;

Mark Zuckerberg -$5,7 billion, Facebook;

Warren Buffett -$5,2 billion, private investor;

Amancio Ortega -$5,2 billion, Zara/Massimo;

Steve Ballmer -$4,3 billion, Microsoft;

Larry Page: -$4 billion, Google;

Sergey Brin: -$3,8 billion, Google.

Since the market selloff began on Monday, Jeff Bezos has seen his net worth shrink by more than $9 billion to $104.4 billion at Thursday’s market close. That’s on top of his $14.1 billion loss last week. While LVMH’s Arnault suffered fewer losses last week — he was down $7.4 billion — his fortune has taken a $10.1 billion hit since Monday, with LVMH shares in freefall. Needless to say, buying luxury goods is not at the top of many people’s lists this week.

For more details on the plunging net worths of the world’s richest, see Forbes’ Real Time Billionaires page, which tracks the changes in fortunes throughout the day when stock markets are open around the world.