How to develop independence in children and aged people

Let me give you a short advice. Children and older people must do everything themselves. Dressing, tying shoelaces, washing dishes, making a bed, putting clothes in a closet, turning on and off the TV, doing minimal cleaning, and doing many other things themselves.

Remember the main rule: you should never do work that old people and children can do themselves.

Independence and responsibility are very important for personal development and vitality support. While excessive care always only makes it worse for both children and aged people.

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How to develop independence in children? Please, find the answer in the video:


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Take responsibility

Taking responsibility is a responsible thing. It is what matters now.

Awareness must be. Responsibility is a significant deterrent. Without it, people could do a lot of stupid things.

It will always be scary. As a result, the leaders evoke admiration because they can overcome this fear and take a further step. Motivation is the result of the fact that a person sets realistic goals.

If the goal is attractive, the motivation will arise by itself.

Do not waste your time and energy on blaming and complaining! Forgive the past, take responsibility, and move forward!